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Keywords: Radiation Protection
SU-E-DBRA-4Neutron Dose Measurements in the Elekta MR-Linac Using Bubble Detectors
B Keller1,2*, H Nusrat3 , S Ahmad1,2 , S Al-Ward1 ,A Sahgal1,2, A Sarfehnia1,2 , S Breen1,2 , G Pang1,2 , (1) Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Canada (2) University of Toronto, Department of Radiation Oncology, Toronto, Canada (3) Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
SU-E-KDBRA1-4Fetal Dose Reduction for Treatment of a Brain Tumor Using Optimized Treatment Planning and Shielding Design
A Rodrigues*, W Giles , J Kirkpatrick , F Yin , Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC
SU-F-KDBRA2-6Radiation Map and Effective Tenth Value Layer Measurements of An MR-Guided Jawless Ring-Gantry Linear Accelerator
O Green*, B Cai , J Cammin , A Price , S Mutic , S Goddu , Washington University, St. Louis, MO
SU-I-GPD-P-54A Comparison Between NCRP-147 Workload Parameters and Calculated Workload Parameters for CT Scanners in An Outpatient Clinic
D Vergara , M Yester*, UAB Medical Center, Birmingham, AL
SU-I-GPD-T-441Lead Shield On Wheels for Fetus Protection
D McFadden1*, P Jewell2 , N Mcilmoil2 , K Wake2 , (1) Northwest Medical Physics Center, Port Angeles, WA, (2) Olympic Medical Cancer Center, Sequim, WA
TU-J430-CAMPUS-F3-1Analytical and Monte-Carlo Modeling of a Unique Beta-Source in Relation to Skin Surface Dosimetry
O Pen1*, J Bourland2 , P Antinozzi3 , (1) Wake Forest University, Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, Winston-Salem, NC, (2) Wake Forest University, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Department of Radiation Oncology, Winston-Salem, NC, (3) Wake Forest University, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry, Winston-Salem, NC
WE-C1000-GePD-F4-1Accuracy of Predicting Post-Therapy Exposure Rate and Clearance Effective Half-Life of 131I-Metaiodobenzylguanidine From Dosimetric Study Measurements
W Erwin*, R Wendt, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX