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Keywords: LET
SU-E-KDBRA2-1A Method for Measuring LET of Hadron Beams
S Bello , S Luan*, M Holzscheiter , University of New Mexico, Alburquerque, NM
SU-E-KDBRA2-3An Investigation of Biological Impact Caused by Edge-Scattered Protons in Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Therapy
K Ueno, T Matsuura*, S Takao, S Hirayama, H Ueda, Y Matsuo, T Yoshimura, S Shimizu, K Umegaki, H Shirato, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan
SU-I-GPD-T-117Optimization of Treatment Plan Verification Calculations for Proton Spot-Scanning System Using TOPAS Monte Carlo Code at Shared High Performance Computing Cluster
P Fakhriddin*, V Moskvin , F Xie , M Kaluarachchi , A Faught , T Merchant , St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN
SU-I-GPD-T-118Linear Energy Transfer Measurement System Development with TLD-100
CH Sung1*, HH Chen2,3 , YC Lin4 , SW Wu2 , HC Huang2,3 , SL Chang5 , HY Tsai5,6 , (1) Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Science, College of Medicine, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, (2) Department of Radiation Oncology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, (3) Graduate Institute of Clinical Medical Sciences, College of Medicine, Chang Gung University, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, (4) Health Physics Division, Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, (5) Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Science, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu City, (6) Department of Engineering and System Science, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu City, Taiwan
TU-E115-GePD-F6-2A New Method of Measuring GABA in MRS
W Cheng1*, (1) medical physics ,wuhan university, Wuhan, hubei
TU-GH-KDBRA1-7The Importance of DNA Double Strand Break Repair Defects to Cell Radiosensitivity in Helium and Carbon Ion Beams
D Flint1 , C Mcfadden1 , S Bright1 , D Yoon1 , S Kodaira2 , T Konishi2 , G Sawakuchi1*, (1) MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA; (2) National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba, Japan
TU-GH-KDBRA1-10Role of Double Strand Break DNA Repair Deficiency On the Sensitivity of Cells to Therapeutic Proton Beams
S Bright1 , D Flint1 , C McFadden1 , D Yoon1 , A Aroumougame2 ,G Sawakuchi1* , (1) MD Anderson cancer center, Houston, Texas, (2) UT Southwestern, Dallas, Texas
TU-J430-CAMPUS-F1-1A New Denoising Method Based On Wavelet Coefficient Classification in Scatter Corrected CBCT Images
Y Li , Z Yu , G Yu , D Li*, Shandong Normal University, Jinan, Shandong
TU-K-DBRA-1Are Gold-Palladium Nanoparticles Vesicles Equivalent to Proton and 4He Ion in Cellular Dosimetry: A Monte-Carlo Study Based On Ex Vivo Imaging
Y Ma1,2*, M Laprise-Peletier2 , J Lagueux1,2 , M Cote1,2 , M Fortin2 , L Beaulieu1,2 , (1) CHU de Quebec, Quebec, QC, (2) Universite Laval, Ville De Quebec, QC
TU-K-KDBRC-1A Linear Relationship for the LET-Dependence of Gafchromic EBT3 Film
S Anderson*, M Grams , K Furutani , C Beltran , Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
WE-C1000-GePD-F3-3Quantifying the Impact of High-Z Doping On Plastic Scintillator Response
H Nusrat1*, G Pang1,2 , A Sarfehnia1,2 , (1) Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, (2) Sunnybrook Health Science Center, Toronto, ON
WE-HI-DBRA-9Robust Optimization for Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy to Redistribute High Linear Energy Transfer From Organs at Risk to Tumors in Head and Neck Cancer
C Liu*, S Jie , S Schild , S Patel , W Wong , X Ding , M Bues , W Liu , Mayo Clinic Arizona, Phoenix, AZ
WE-HI-DBRA-10Planning Strategies for Linear Energy Transfer Reduction in Structures with Suspected Treatment Related Toxicities Following Proton Therapy for Brain Tumors
J Oeden1,2*, E Traneus2 , P Witt Nystroem3,4 , I Toma-Dasu1,5 , A Dasu3 , (1) Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden, (2) RaySearch Laboratories, Stockholm, Sweden, (3) The Skandion Clinic, Uppsala, Sweden, (4) Danish Centre for Particle Therapy, Aarhus, Denmark, (5) Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden