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Radio-Photothermal Therapy of Prostate Cancer Cells Using Gold-Lipid Nanoshells

B Youden1*, R Jiang2, X Zhang3, M Servos1 , (1) University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, (2) Grand River Regional Cancer Centre, Kitchener, ON, (3) Cape Breton University, Sydney, Nova Scotia, NS


(Sunday, 7/29/2018) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: To evaluate the potential use of gold-lipid (Au-DPPC) nanoshells for tandem photothermal-radiation therapy in an advanced metastatic prostate cancer cell line (PC-3).

Methods: Unilamellar DPPC liposomes were synthesized and coated with gold nanoparticles through reduction with L-ascorbic acid. The Au-DPPC lipid nanoshells were incubated at 37°C with cultured PC-3 prostate cancer cells for at least 24 h prior to photothermal and radiation therapy experiments. Photothermal therapy (PTT) was performed by exposing plated cell cultures to a 1.5 W 808 nm near-infrared laser for 5 minutes following the removal of excess Au-DPPC nanoshells from the culture medium. For radiation therapy (RT), the cells were treated to a single 1.5 Gy dose of 6-MV X-ray radiation. Cancer cell viability following one or both treatments was analyzed using a trypan-blue exclusion assay (1 day post treatment) and clonogenic assay (7 days post treatment).

Results: The Au-DPPC nanoshells were found to have tunable surface plasmon resonance peaks across the NIR spectrum capable of reaching mildly hyperthermic temperatures within a short period of time. PTT of PC-3 cancer cells incubated with Au-DPPC nanoshells resulted in a 42 ± 4% decrease in cell viability after 7 days compared to untreated cells while treatment with Au-DPPC nanoshells and 1.5 Gy of 6-MV X-ray radiation resulted in a 62 ± 5% decrease in viability. The impact of the PTT was observable 24 h following treatment. In comparison to the individual treatments the combined tandem therapy, in which PTT was applied 1 h prior to RT, resulted in a 78 ± 4% decrease in cell viability.

Conclusion: We have found preliminary in-vitro evidence that Au-DPPC nanoshells can serve as effective therapeutic agents for both PTT and RT. Further research will focus on assessing the treatment efficacy, drug-delivery, and biodegradability of the Au-DPPC nanoshells in animal models.


Prostate Therapy, Radiation Therapy


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