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A Proposed Theory for Holographic Radiation Therapy (HRT)

r rademacher*, r rademacher , University of Kentucky Department of Radiation Medicine, Holograms are well known for producing virtual images, such as those seen on credit cards for example. They are also making inroads in terms of imaging, where the phase effects of x-rays passing through a body can lead to higher spatial resolution. Lesser know is that using the same techniques that create virtual images, a real holographic image can be created that projects a three-dimensional image into three-dimensional space. In this talk, a novel theory is presented whereby holograms using x-rays are theoretically, projected into the body. Though fraught with challenges in terms of theoretical and engineering implementation, it is the purpose of this talk to lay the groundwork for investigations in using holograms for radiotherapy. If successful, this will lead to a technique that would achieve unprecedented levels of conformality with little to no exit and entry dose.


(Sunday, 7/29/2018) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: To outline the theory of holographic radiation therapy (HRT)

Methods: A review of visible light holography will be presented. This will be followed by a review of how x-rays and holography are currently implemented. The challenges in implementing these holographic techniques with then be presented in the context of depositing dose inside a phantom. The talk will conclude with a road map towards future developments that could make this form of radiotherapy a reality.

Results: Several challenges to implementing HRT have been identified so far: a) production and manipulation of monochromatic x-rays, b) creation of a x-ray diffraction pattern, d) system setup within existing LINAC vaults, and c) weak phenomenology on real image holograms in dense media.

Conclusion: It is unclear at this time if holographic radiotherapy is theoretically possible and if it is, if it's possible to achieve with current engineering methods. Several exciting developments in X-ray production and manipulation however give hope that this technique may be viable in the near future.


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