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Discharging the Bias: Recognizing and Addressing Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

L Cervino1*, I Chetty2*, M Giger3*, K Hendrickson4*, J Pollard-Larkin5*, J Moran6*, (1) UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA, (2) Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI, (3) University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, (4) University of Washington, Seattle, WA, (5) MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, (6) University Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, MI


(Wednesday, 8/1/2018) 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Room: Room 209

We all have unconscious biases that we use everyday. Unconscious or implicit bias is the behavior by which we make quick judgments and assessments of people and situations without our conscious knowledge. These biases are influenced by our background, cultural environment, and personal experiences.

Unconscious bias negatively impacts the workplace by posing obstacles to diversity, recruiting, and retention, and can shape the institution’s people and culture. It has been shown that diversity is a driver of innovation. Organizations with a diverse and representative workforce and leadership out-innovate and out-perform others. Addressing unconscious bias is key to promoting and integrating diversity to build stronger workplaces.

In this session, we will first give an overview of what unconscious bias is and its impact on diversity and inclusion. Then, a diverse panel of medical physics leaders will discuss their experience with unconscious bias and their approach to manage it at the institutional level.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand unconscious bias
2. Identify some unconscious biases in the workplace
3. Identify how unconscious bias impacts decision making
4. Identify ways to address unconscious bias



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