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Generating Single-Click Treatment Plan Documents Using Eclipse Scripting API

R Sheu*, Y Yuan , T Tseng , A Powers , J Tam , Y Lo , Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY


(Sunday, 7/29/2018) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: To simplify and customize the process of generating treatment plan documents in Eclipse (Varian) and to maintain consistent format and layout, an Eclipse Scripting API “uPRINT+� had been developed to perform single mouse button click document printing.

Methods: Eclipse Scripting API (ESAPI v13.6) has been used in uPRINT+ to retrieve most of treatment plan parameters from the Eclipse application. Additional ARIA SQL database queries were made to access the other parameters, such as block/cutout shape (vertex coordinates) and DVH display status (on/off for each structure). The ESAPI generated documents replicated our current treatment plan document format which included a short plan summary, setup/treatment DRRs, isodose displayed on 3 orthogonal cuts, DVH, and full treatment plan report. The document is generated in HTML format and can be printed or saved as PDF easily via any HTML5 compatible web browsers.

Results: Significant time saving (single click vs multiple steps) has been observed in treatment plan document preparation by using uPRINT+ script compared with Eclipse document printing function. The order of plan components and the layout of the documents are more consistent when they are generated by a script rather than independent operators. The flexibility and functionality of HTML/CSS based plan documents enables us to have control to emphasize important parameters and include additional information our center considers relevant to improve the plan check process. Plan checking scripts can be also incorporated into uPRINT+ to reduce mistakes in the planning process.

Conclusion: Eclipse Scripting API enables users to automate portions of the treatment planning process. Our work demonstrates a method to simplify treatment plan document printing process by using ESAPI. This tool improves efficiency but also reduces error.


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