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Dose Estimation Is Possible by the Use of Luminescence Imaging of Water for Proton Therapy

S Yamamoto*, T Yabe , T Toshito , M Yamaguchi , N Kawachi , M Komori , Nagoya University, Nagoya, Aichi


(Sunday, 7/29/2018) 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Room: Exhibit Hall | Forum 5

Purpose: Although the luminescence images of water during proton-beam irradiation using a cooled charge-coupled device (CCD) camera showed almost the same ranges of proton beams as those measured by an ionization chamber, the depth profiles showed lower Bragg peak intensities than those measured by an ionization chamber and a broad optical baseline was observed at deeper area than the Bragg peak. Also the luminescence intensity linearity for proton energy was not obvious yet. If we could solve and clarify these subjects, luminescence imaging of water will be used for proton therapy dosimetry.

Methods: We hypothesize that the broad baseline signal originates from the light by the interaction of proton-induced prompt gamma photons with water. We corrected the measured depth profiles of the luminescence images by subtracting the simulated distributions of the produced light by the interactions of prompt gamma photons in water. We also calculated the luminescence intensity per proton for the luminescence images of water with different proton energies.

Results: With the correction, we successfully obtained the depth profiles that have almost identical distributions as the simulated dose distributions for protons. We also confirmed that the luminescence intensity of water per proton particle linearly increased with the proton energy.

Conclusion: We could successfully obtain the almost the same depth profiles as those of the simulated results. Also the luminescence intensity per proton particle was linearly increased with the proton energy. With these results, we confirm that the luminescence imaging of water can be used for the dose measurements of proton therapy.


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