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Taxonomy: IM/TH- Cone Beam CT: 4DCBCT

PO-GePV-P-95Retrospective Computing of Actual Dose Delivered to the Target and Normal Structures in Lung Cancer Patients Treated with SBRT
SU-F-221AB-3Evaluation of Average Image From During-Treatment 4DCBCT for Lung SBRT Treatment
J Liang1*, D Lack2, J Wloch1, D Yan1 , (1) William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI, (2) William Beaumont Hospital, Troy, MI
SU-F-304-1Fast 4D CBCT Scans: Combining Respiratory Guided Imaging and Advanced Reconstruction Algorithms to Reduce Imaging Time and Dose
O Dillon*, R O'Brien , C Shieh , P Keall , University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW
SU-F-304-4General Simultaneous Motion Estimation and Image Reconstruction (G-SMEIR) for CBCT
S Zhou1*, Y Chi1 , J Wang2 , M Jin1 , (1) University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, (2) UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX
SU-I330-GePD-F9-6Pseudo-CBCT Image Prediction of Head and Neck Cancer Patient Using Principal Component Vector Fields of Early Treatment Fractions
M Nakano1*, T Imae2 , T Nakamoto2 , A Haga3 , K Nawa2 , Y Nomura2 , R Chhatkuli4 , K Demachi5 , W Takahashi2 , K Yamamoto6 , K Nakagawa2 , M Hashimoto7 , Y Yoshioka1 , M Oguchi1 , (1) Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR, Tokyo, Japan, (2) Department of Radiology, The University of Tokyo Hospital, Tokyo, Japan, (3) University of Tokushima, Tokushima, Japan, (4) National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba, Japan,(5) Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, (6) Department of Radiology, Teikyo University Hospital, Tokyo, Japan, (7) Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Kitasato University, Sagamihara, Japan
TU-F115-GePD-F6-2Imaging Quality of Intrafraction 4D CBCT for Lung SBRT Using Flattening Filter-Free Beams: A Phantom Study
J Kim*, J Kim , K Keum , H Lee ,
TU-L-225BCD-2A Dual-Reconstruction Method to Generate Motion Artifact-Free CBCT Images
H Zhong*, X Li , Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI