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Taxonomy: IM- PET : Phantoms - physical

MO-E115-GePD-F9-1Correction to the Ground Truth Noise From Adjacent Slice Subtractions with the First and Third Generation Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstructions
Y (Jimmy) Zhou*, A Scott , Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
MO-E115-GePD-F9-2Fast Low Contrast Detectability Assessment
A Omigbodun*, S Hsieh , University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
PO-GePV-U-1Design and Development of Patient-Based Anthropomorphic Prostate Training Devices for Trans-Rectal Ultrasound (TRUS) Guided Prostate Brachytherapy
A Doyle1*, D King2 , D Cody3 , F Sullivan4 , J Browne5 , (1) Technological University Dublin, Dublin 8, ,(2) Blackrock Clinic, Dublin, ,(3) Technological University Dublin, Dublin, ,(4) Prostate Cancer Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway, ,(5) Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
SU-I430-GePD-F9-5Step-Wise Solution to Evaluate CT Radiomic Feature Variability Due to Correlated Noise Texture
M Shafiq ul Hassan1*, F Guo1 , H Chen1 , G Zhang2 , E Moros2 , Z Chen1 , (1) Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT, (2) Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL,
SU-I430-GePD-F9-6Subset of Reproducible Radiomic Features as a Function of Multiple CT Imaging Parameters
M Shafiq ul Hassan1*, F Guo1 , H Chen3 , G Zhang4 , E Moros5 , Z Chen6 , (1) Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT, (2) Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT, (3) Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT, (4) H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL, (5) H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL, (6) Yale Univ. School of Medicine & YNHH, New Haven, CT
SU-K-221CD-2Achieving Consistent Tube Output Curves On CT Scanners with Different Implementations of Tube Current Modulation
A Ferrero*, C Favazza , K Glazebrook , M Adkins , L Yu , Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
SU-K-SAN2-1Extended Field-Of-View (FOV) MRI Distortion Determination Through Combining Multi-Positional Phantom Imaging
E Schueler1 , R Mallozzi2 , J Levy2 , J Gerdes2 , D Hristov1*, (1) Stanford University Cancer Center, Palo Alto, CA, (2) The Phantom Laboratory, Inc., Salem, NY
SU-L-221CD-13D-Printed Textured Phantoms for Assessment of High Resolution CT
J Li*, G Gang , M Brehler , H Shi , J Stayman , Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
SU-L-303-8Temporal Stability and Energy Dependence of a Compact Iodine Inkjet-Printed Phantom
L Douglas*, E Marshall , E Pearson , H Al-Hallaq , I Reiser , The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
TU-F115-GePD-F6-4Dependence of Radiomics Features On CT Image Acquisition and Reconstruction Parameters Using a Cadaveric Human Liver
I Gertsenshteyn1*, J Foy1 , A Crofton2 , V Grekoski3 , T Tran3 , K Guruvadoo3 , H Al-Hallaq1 , S Armato1 , W Sensakovic3 , (1) The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, (2) Adventist University of Health Sciences, Orlando, FL, (3) Florida Hospital, Orlando, FL
WE-HI-303-8Use of Dedicated Anatomical Breast Ultrasound Phantoms for the Utilization as An Image Optimization Training Tool
J Browne*, D Tradup , A Walz-Flannigan , R Fazzio , S Stekel , N Hangiandreou , Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN