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Alpha Emitters From TRIUMF

A Robertson,1,2, P Schaffer1,2, V Radchenko1,2, C Ramogida1,3, C Hoehr1,2*, (1) TRIUMF, (2) University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, (3) Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada


(Wednesday, 7/17/2019) 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Room: 304ABC

Purpose: Targeted Radionuclide Therapy and, in particular, Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT) are emerging as effective treatment strategies for various cancers. Radiopharmaceuticals based on ²²�Ac (half-life 9.92 days) especially, have shown promising therapeutic effects when other options were not effective (e.g. surgery, chemotherapy or external beam therapy). However, development and clinical trials involving ²²�Ac radiopharmaceuticals are hindered due to the limited availability of the radionuclide. At TRIUMF, the infrastructure exists to produce several GBq of ²²�Ac (thousands of patient doses) more than once a month, as well as other potential TAT radionuclides such as ²¹³Bi (45.6 min), ²¹²Pb (10.6 h), and ²¹²Bi (60.6 min). This will enable and accelerate the development of TAT radiopharmaceuticals.

Methods: Naturally enriched ²³²Th is encapsulated in a target holder and installed in the TRIUMF Isotope Irradiation Facility (IPF). The target is irradiated with 480 MeV protons at beam currents of up to 100 µA, undergoing spallation and co-producing hundreds of isotopes. The target is then removed and processed to isolate and purify the desired ²²�Ac, which can also be used as a generator for ²¹³Bi. Co-production of ²²�Th (1.9 y) during the spallation process also provides a generator of ²¹²Pb and ²¹²Bi.

Results: First test irradiations demonstrated that over 500 MBq of ²²�Ac can be produced in a 36-hour irradiation. Furthermore, almost 90 MBq of ²²�Ra (14.9 d) are produced, which can be utilized into a ²²�Ra/²²�Ac generator. By only using the ²²�Ac from the decay of ²²�Ra, we greatly reduce the long-lived and chemically inseparable ²²�Ac contaminant (21.77 years).

Conclusion: At TRIUMF, we are able to produce large quantities of ²²�Ac for TAT. By utilizing the parent isotope ²²�Ra, the end-product purity is greatly increased. This will enable the accelerated development of optimized ²²�Ac based radiopharmaceuticals and the implementation of TAT in clinical practice.


Targeted Radiotherapy, Alpha-particles, Cyclotrons


IM/TH- Radiopharmaceutical therapy: radiation chemistry and radiopharmaceutical development

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