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Characterization of a Gynaecological Titanium Applicator for Direct Reconstruction On MRI

A Otal1,4*, J Vijande2,4 , F Ballester2,4 , A Forner1 , O Ripol1 , C Monfa1 , S Serrano1 , J Perez-Calatayud3,4 (1) Hospital Universitari Arnau de Vilanova, Lleida (2) University of Valencia, Burjassot (3) Hospital La Fe, Valencia (4) Medical Physics Research Group La Fe-UVEG


(Sunday, 7/14/2019) 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Room: Exhibit Hall | Forum 4

Purpose: To develop a technique that allows the direct reconstruction using MRI of the titanium gynecological applicator Fletcher (Mick, Eckert&Ziegler, Germany)

Methods: A parametric model of the applicator is sought in such a way that the ovoids (OVs) and the intrauterine tube (IU) can be positioned simultaneously in the MRI sequence. In order to achieve this, the distances between the connectors of the OVs channels, from the OV1 connector to the IU connector and the distance from the IU connector to its nearest fixing point are measured. With these values, and using a CAD-generated model, the angle between OVs and the one between IU and OV1 are calculated (OV1 is taken as an angular reference to estimate the reliability of the proposed method). Thus, an applicator with three separated elements can now be positioned on the image as a single entity.

Results: The model proposed was checked using CT images. The reason was the simplicity of testing the geometry of the complete applicator using this image modality. The matching in the CT of the OVs was satisfactory. For the case of the IU the agreement diminishes due to the indetermination around the rotation axis defined by the straight part closest to the connector. In order to improve the model agreement for the IU it would be required to turn around such axis until an axial plane, as cranial as possible, is found without reaching the artifact of the titanium tip.

Conclusion: Using this method it is possible to make a reconstruction of a titanium gynecological applicator directly on MRI using applicator libraries.


Brachytherapy, MRI, Reconstruction


TH- Brachytherapy: GYN brachytherapy

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