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X-Ray-Induced Shortwave Infrared Luminescence Computed Tomography

X Dai*, K Cheng , W Zhao , L Xing , Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA


(Tuesday, 7/16/2019) 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Room: 221AB

Purpose: X-ray-induced luminescence computed tomography (XLCT) based on X-ray-excitable nanophosphors has been recently proposed as a new modality for molecular imaging. Here, we demonstrate a novel XLCT modality using a novel X-ray excitable rare-earth nanophosphor capable of emitting light in shortwave infrared (SWIR, alternatively referred to as NIR-II, 1000-2300 nm) spectral region where an emerging optical imaging modality namely SWIR imaging has been widely investigated for deep tissue imaging.

Methods: XLCT offers two main advantages compared to other modalities. First, autofluorescence, problematic for fluorescence imaging can be avoided. Second, deep-tissue in vivo imaging with high optical contrast and spatial resolution becomes achievable. In this study, novel rare-earth nanophosphors were utilized as agents that absorb X-ray energy and emit light with a wavelength of ~1100 nm. A steady-state radiative transfer equation was used to model the emitting light interacts with the tissue, while a compressed sensing based method was adopted to reconstruct three-dimensional (3D) nanophosphor distribution within the imaging domain.

Results: Numerical simulations and experiments were performed to quantify the performance of our proposed novel X-ray-induced shortwave infrared luminescence computed tomography technique. The results show that the 3D distribution of the nanophosphor targets at a depth of up to 1.5 cm can be mapped with a sub-millimeter spatial resolution.

Conclusion: A novel X-ray molecular imaging technique, namely, X-ray-induced induced shortwave infrared luminescence computed tomography (SWIR-XLCT), has been developed and investigated. It has the potential for in vivo molecular imaging with a high spatial resolution.


High-resolution Imaging, Optical Tomography, X Rays


IM- Optical : Development (new technology and techniques)

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