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Employment Status Analysis of Applied Physics (Medical Physics Direction) Undergraduate Major Take Shandong First Medical University as An Example

Q Sun1 , L Shi2*, W Lu3 , J Qiu4 , Y OuYang5 , (1) Taishan Medical University, Taian, ,(2) Taishan Medical University, Taian, ,(3) Taishan Medical University, Taian, ,(4) Taishan Medical University, Taian, Shandong, ,(5) Taishan Medical University, Taian, Shandong


(Sunday, 7/14/2019)  

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Purpose: Applied physics is a branch of general physics, which is an interdisciplinary subject with Medical electronics, Bioengineering and Health physics. Shandong First Medical University (formerly Taishan Medical University) has set up the major of Applied physics (Medical physics) since 2005.

Methods: 1. Steadily Increasing Employment Rate by Multivariate MeasuresGraduates of Applied Physics majored in 95% of their jobs related to their major, and the job turnover rate is zero in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Graduates are mainly engaged in radiation technology. After two years, they can engage in radiation therapy with LA (X knife γ knife) physical qualification certificate. 2. Seeking Professional Construction to Promote High-level EmploymentIntegrating educational resources with domestic medical institutions, there are more than 20 directional practice units. The world hospitals ranked by CSIC are Peking Union Medical College Hospital and Beijing Hospital. The Asia/Pacific hospitals ranked by CSIC include Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing Tongren Hospital, etc. 3. Synergy of Employment and Entrance Pressure190 undergraduate colleges and universities in China offer Applied Physics majors. Medical physics, Nuclear technology and Applications, Radiomedicine, Biomedical Engineering, Special medicine, Radiation medicine and other specialties are scattered. The employment rate is between 95% and 98%, and the quality of employment is a pyramid.

Results: The demand of patients increases with the increase of medical level, recruiters have to raise admission thresholds..

Conclusion: Schools should pay attention to the needs of hospital recruitment, rationally optimize educational resources and strengthen professional training.Combining theory with practice, laying the first chance for high-quality employment.Adjust teaching programs according to market changes,Optimizing the teaching plan, innovating the classroom teaching mode Supervisory departments should make good market supervision with a definite aim and promote sound professional development.

Funding Support, Disclosures, and Conflict of Interest: This work was supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China (2016YFC0103400), Jianfeng Qiu. was supported by the Taishan Scholars Program of Shandong Province (TS201712065).


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