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Improving Health Through Medical Physics

The Ad Hoc Committee on COVID-19 Response (AAPM members can see a committee roster here) welcomes you to this web based resource. We hope you will find entries that are useful to you in dealing with the current pandemic. The committee welcomes suggestions for additions to this compilation, please contact Brent Parker through the AAPM BBS thread on this topic or by sending an email.

The resources are organized into categories that will be useful to the medical physics community. Categories are neither unique nor exclusive, the reader may find the same resource referenced in more than one category.

Entries from other professional societies, vendors, government agencies and NGOs are not necessarily vetted by the committee, but are reported here for reference subject to the disclaimer that precedes access to this information.

Some resources from professional organizations may be behind membership login walls. The reader may need to contact colleagues who may be able to access the information, or contact the organization directly to request access.

Some resources may be behind a paywall. Useful tools to assist with access:

Unpaywall is a browser plugin with access to 25+ million scholarly articles. It can find open access versions of many paywall protected articles that may be in institutional repositories, etc.

Blendle is a commercial service that allows inexpensive access to many articles in the popular press for a modest (generally < $1) per article fee.