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Improving Health Through Medical Physics


Adopted by the AAPM Board of Directors ~ August 3, 2017

Improving health through medical physics.


Adopted by the AAPM Board of Directors ~ August 3, 2017

Advancing medicine through excellence in the science, education and professional practice of medical physics.

Focus Areas & Strategic Goals

Adopted by the AAPM Board of Directors ~ April 11, 2018, revised August 2, 2018


Strategic Goal: Drive scientific and clinical innovation in medical physics to improve human health.

  • Encourage and explore new applications of physics in medicine.
  • Encourage research and development to advance medical physics and related professions.
  • Be a catalyst for translating innovative medical physics to clinical applications.
  • Improving the funding for medical physics research efforts.
  • Strengthen the skills of medical physicists as leaders in innovation.


Strategic Goal: Enhance the value of AAPM membership experience and services.

  • Develop and promote the highest quality medical physics standards and services.
  • Support and collaborate with Chapters to enhance the overall value of AAPM.
  • Provide high-quality online resources.
  • Demonstrate value of medical physicists to administrators, clinicians and patients.
  • Gain greater understanding of current and future member needs.
  • Expand the membership of AAPM.
  • Develop and maintain products and services to meet existing and potential member needs.
  • Partner with outside organizations to provide a more cohesive and direct solution to member needs.
  • Develop and maintain AAPM member access to insurance products and services pertaining to the professional practice of medical physics.


Strategic Goal: Promote leadership role of the organization and its members.

  • Identify & cultivate potential leaders of the future for all mission areas of the AAPM.
  • Develop healthcare leaders in multiple spheres of influence.
  • Promote and collaborate as leaders on national and global standards for clinical practice and safety.
  • Maintain and enhance AAPM's position as the leader in medical physics nationally.
  • Maintain and enhance AAPM's position as a leader in medical physics globally.


Strategic Goal: Cultivate excellence in medical physics education.

  • Foster the ongoing education and professional development of medical physicists throughout their career.
  • Encourage high quality medical physics education and training offerings.
  • Promote the dissemination of scientific, professional, clinical and technical information in medical physics.
  • Promote continuous improvement in medical physics education, e.g., incorporation of current and relevant content and pedagogical approaches.
  • Develop educational materials and methods to aid AAPM educators.
  • Expand educational offerings in medical physics to non-medical physicists.
  • Promote AAPM educational materials in the global context.
  • Foster long-term international educational opportunities and collaborations.

Organizational Management

Strategic Goal: Practice stewardship in continuous assessment of programs and services.

  • Practice financial stewardship in continuous assessment of programs and services, and evaluate business models to identify opportunities for revenue enhancement.
  • Improve AAPM operational efforts and efficiency.


Strategic Goal: Improve communication internally and externally.

  • Increased communication between imaging and therapy physicists, and clinical and research physicists, and industry and government agencies.
  • Improve communication with the general public.
  • Promote transparency between leadership and membership.
  • Coordinate communication and work function between and among Councils.
  • Articulate and market the value of medical physics throughout the healthcare enterprise.

Patient Care

Strategic Goal: Ensure High Quality Patient Care.

  • Establish AAPM and Medical Physicists as leaders in quality and safety for patient care, particularly with external groups such as hospital administrators and risk management specialists.
  • Enable the sharing of clinically relevant data (e.g. trials and registries).
  • Support clinical medical physicists to become more active or present in direct patient care or patient care process as appropriate.
  • Support and collaborate on clinical competency and credentialling standards for and by medical physicists.
  • Support the adoption of the AAPM definition of QMP and Scope of Practice by regulatory and accrediting bodies.
  • Enhance necessary engagement with other members of the healthcare team.
  • Promoting AAPM reports into standards of care.

Diversity and Inclusion

Strategic Goal: Champion equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the field of medical physics.

  • Evaluate EDI in the AAPM organizational structure and activities.
  • Create and sustain the structure in the AAPM necessary to support the EDI strategic goal.
  • Cultivate and encourage a diverse pool of trainees for entry into medical physics and the AAPM.
  • Create and deliver professional and educational content that supports the importance of EDI, specifically supporting the needs of underrepresented medical physicists.
  • Collaborate with other professional organizations to implement and support the commitment to EDI in the medical physics field.
  • Ensure that the EDI strategic objectives and the AAPM’s core mission of advancing medicine through excellence in the science, education, and professional practice of medical physics are continually aligned.