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Improving Health Through Medical Physics


  • ASTRO Links Related to State Regulations
    ASTRO’s state regulatory library.
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  • CRCPD Board Position Statement
    This is a link to the CRCPD Board Position Statement on COVID-19.
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  • AAPM Letter to CRCPD
    AAPM letter to CRCPD requesting extensions for required testing and calibration.
    View Letter
  • CRCPD COVID-19 Response Portal
    The Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors has established a web based portal as a reference for Radiation Control Programs to provide resources for response to the pandemic. The CRCPD will use the page to continually provide links to information and resources relevant to their response. Medical physicists may find this information useful as they interact with their state regulatory authorities during the pandemic.
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  • Organization of Agreement States Collection of State by State COVID-19 Responses
    The Organization of Agreement States maintains a collection of State responses covering various aspects of the regulation of radioactive materials that may be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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  • California
    • California Radioactive Material Guidance
      This document provides guidance on radioactive material inspection and licensing and radiographer certification.
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    • CA (LA) Guidance for X-ray Certification & Shielding
      This document provides guidance on temporary exemptions for X-ray Certification & Shielding in a temporary location without shielding.
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  • Colorado
    • Colorado Variance for Regulations
      This document provides guidance on temporary exemptions for X-ray equipment for certification evaluations, locations of use and shielding design requirements.
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  • Ohio
    • Ohio Variance for Regulations
      • Journal Entry Allowing Temp Equipment Relocation
        This document provides guidance on temporary exemptions for X-ray equipment use in outlying locations.
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      • Journal Entry Deferring Certain Requirements
        This document provides a list of RAM and X-Ray regulations that are temporarily deferred due to COVID-19.
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      • Journal Entry Deferring Inspections
        This document defers RAM and X-Ray inspections for hospitals.
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  • Wisconsin
    • Wisconsin Process for Regulatory Relief
      This document provides guidance for applying for temporary relief for radiation safety practice requirements and state inspection suspension.
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