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Improving Health Through Medical Physics

Infection Control

  • Evidence of Long-Distance Droplet Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 by Direct Air Flow in a Restaurant in Korea
    The transmission mode of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 is primarily known as droplet transmission. However, a recent argument has emerged about the possibility of airborne transmission. On June 17, there was a coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak in Korea associated with long distance droplet transmission.
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  • Coronavirus Vaccine FDA Update
    Stephen Hahn, M.D. (Radiation Oncologist and head of the FDA) engages with JAMA in a Q&A on the COVID vaccines.
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  • JAMA - Clinical Screening for COVID-19 in Asymptomatic Patients With Cancer
    The authors describe their experience in screening for COVID-19 in asymptomatic patients with cancer. They are in a medical oncology setting, but there is much that is relevant in a radiation oncology setting.
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  • Prevalence of Surface Contamination With SARS-CoV-2 in a Radiation Oncology Clinic
    The authors describe their experience with Prevalence of Surface Contamination With SARS-CoV-2 in a Radiation Oncology Clinic.
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  • The story of mRNA: How a once-dismissed idea became a leading technology in the COVID vaccine race
    A quick intro to the novel mRNA technology that brought us the first two COVID vaccines.
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  • Results of Surface Contamination Testing in a RadOnc Clinic
    This article in JAMA Oncology reports on the results of systematic surface sampling in a Radiation Oncology clinic.
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  • Society of Critical Care Medicine COVID-19 Guidelines
    Clinical Care pathways for COVID-19 patients. May be of interest to Medical Physicsts with administrative responsibilities.
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  • Transducer Cleaning and PPE in Ultrasound
    AIUM Webinar Recording
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  • Varian Technical Bulletin for COVID-19 Cleaning of Treatment Machines
    This is Varian’s Customer Technical Bulletin describing their COVID-19 guidelines for cleaning agents to use on each component of Varian treatment machines.
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  • N95 Mask Decontamination Information
    Decontamination Information
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  • Ponchos and Plexiglas? COVID-19 'MacGyver' Clinical Tips
    A discussion between two physicians describing interesting locally made solutons to common infection control problems.
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  • U.S. NIAD Mask Decon Methods Review
    This link will take you to a summary of a pre-print report that describes an assessment of N95 respirator decontamination by investigators from well-respected institutions. The document has not yet undergone peer review, so the comments section in this summary will aid in the reading and interpreting the report.
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  • Experiences of Several Large Radiology Departments
    The link will offer the oportunity to view several webinars in which well known radiology department leaders discuss the processes they have implemented to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
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  • Everyone Is Talking About Testing, But They’re Thinking About It All Wrong
    Health Affairs Journal blog contribution by leaders from the U.S. Uniformed Services University School of Medicine on testing strategies will be of interest to those discussing departmental COVID-19 Testing.
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  • Aerosolization of Coronavirus Discussion
    The document summarizes a thread of an (unmoderated) email discussion about aerosolization of the COVID-19 virus in settings of interest to medical physicists.
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  • Infection Control Links from Various Sources
    This file is a collection of various infection control related links that may be of interest to the medical physicist in clinical practice.
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  • Willamette Valley Cancer Center UVC N95 Respirator Sterilization White Paper
    This is an unpublished white paper on the use of UVC for N95 mask decontamination.
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  • Ensuring The Safety of Patients and Coworkers in Medical Physics
    AAPM Guidance on Infection Control in Medical Physics.
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  • Elekta Disinfection Guidelines
    This is Elekta’s product disinfection guideline relative to COVID-19.
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