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Improving Health Through Medical Physics


  • Enforcement Guidance Related to Temporarily Suspended Use of Medical Isotopes
    This Memorandum provides guidance to NRC inspectors to apply discretion for certain non-compliances by a licensee that chooses to suspend use of licensed material and has placed and maintained all licensed radiological material in safe storage in accordance with applicable requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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  • NRC Coronovirus Updates Webpage
    This is a link to the NRC website for the coronavirus FAQ section.
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  • NRC Temporary Exemption Template, Example & Criteria
    • Temporary Exemption Template
      This document provides a template for application for regulatory relief from NRC regulations.
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    • Sample Temporary Exemption
      This document is an example of the letter a licensee might receive from the NRC allowing specific & temporary exemptions from regulatory requirements.
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    • Temporary Exemption Criteria
      This document provides the criteria which will be used to evaluate exemptions including the safety basis and exemption language.
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  • Regulatory Relief for NRC Medical Licenses
    This is an e-mail summary of the ACMUI phone conference held on April 22, 2020. It provides information and links to assist licensees in applying for regulatory relief from requirements during this COVID-19 period.
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  • AAPM Letter to the NRC
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  • NRC Advisory Committee on the Medical Uses of Isotopes COVID-19 related recommendations
    The ACMUI committee has accepted these recommendations related to the COVID-19 pandemic and has forward them to the NRC Commissioners.
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  • NRC Information on Source Security Regulatory Relief Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission may, upon licensee application, allow regulatory relief for certain aspects of the source security program. This PPT file is from an NRC webinar on the subject.
    View NRC Source Security COVID Related Relief Webinar