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Improving Health Through Medical Physics

Accreditation Organizations

  • RadSite Accreditation Extends Annual Physics Testing Requirements
    Effective March 20, 2020: All physics testing requirements pursuant to RadSite Standards are now taking place on a 16-month cycle (versus an annual cycle). Therefore, all new and re-accreditation applicants have an additional four months to update and submit their physics report for each imaging system.
    RadSite COVID-19 Temporary Changes to Requirements
  • IAC Accreditation Extensions to Annual Physicist Survey
    IAC COVID-19 Information
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  • ACR Annual Medical Physicist Equipment Surveys for Accreditation
    Annual Medical Physicist Equipment Surveys for Accreditation extension to 16 month window for CT, MR, NM, PET, SBB, US, breast US, breast MR,
  • Deferring TJC Performance Evaluation Requirements of Medical Imaging Equipment
    The Joint Commission FAQ response indicating facilities may defer annual physics testing for CT, MRI, NM, PET, fluoro and monitors until after 60 days following end of a state of emergency.
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  • TJC Regular Survey Visits Suspended
    The Joint Commission will suspend regular surveys; no restart date is planned.
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  • AAPM Letters to Accreditation Organizations