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Improving Health Through Medical Physics


  • State-by-State U.S. Trends in COVID Response/Progress
    “Tracking Our COVID-19 Response: Each state’;s progress towards a new normal” shows easy-to-use interactive maps showing the trends of increasing/decreasing confirmed COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths and other key indicators.
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  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 Forecast Models
    The CDC provides an annotated list of COVID-19 death forecasts from a variety of sources, with various assumptions. The forecasts are both national and local. The website is updated weekly.
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  • GAO Summary of COVID-19 Vaccine Development
    The US government’s Office of Science, Technology Assessment and Analytics (a division of the GAO) has developed a summary of COVID-19 vaccine development efforts, intended to inform the public and elected officials.
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  • NAHQ COVID-19 Resource Center
    Resource Center.
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  • Collection of AMA COVID-19 Resources
    This link is a landing page for a comprehensive listing of COVID-19 Resources created by the AMA. Gaining a familiarity with some of these materials will be very useful as Medical Physicists convere with our other clinical colleagues during the pandemic.
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  • ADCL Status