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Improving Health Through Medical Physics
In 2019, the Ad Hoc Committee for Defining the Structure, Charges and Budget for 2020 of the International Committee (AHIC) had extensive discussions regarding a modified structure for international activities within the AAPM, especially whether these activities should be reorganized via an International Committee or an International Council. Leadership of that Ad Hoc Committee, which included many individuals who have been leaders in international medical physics activities, met with AAPM’s officers and executive director, as well as the chairs and vice chairs of all councils. It was the clear consensus of the assembled leadership that a new council, an International Council, should be formed. An Ad Hoc Committee on the Establishment of an International Council (AHEIC) developed a proposal regarding the structure and functions of the planned International Council.

This website is a reliable source of information about AAPM’s effort to establish an International Council. If you have any questions not answered by the content on this page or have other special requests, please email the Ad Hoc Committee to Establish an International Council at A discussion related to the establishment of the International Council and pending vote can be found on the BBS (note that you have to be a voting member to access the BBS thread).


In these videos, a number of leaders of international organizations, AAPM leaders and members who are and are not involved with international activities and medical physicists from low- and middle-income countries present their perspective on the establishment of the AAPM International Council.

Establishment of International Council PowerPoint Presentation

Download this PowerPoint presentation to become familiar with the proposed establishment of the International Council.



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