Improving Health Through Medical Physics

AAPM Newsletter — Volume 43 No. 5 — September | October 2018

Image of 2018 September | October Newsletter Issue
Special Interest Group Report
Regulatory and International Affairs
World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering - Melissa Martin
CRCPD Report - Jennifer Elee
Regulators Continue to Address Training and Experience Requirements - Richard Martin
International Day of Medical Physics
SAFRON Update (Downloadable only)
Articles in This Issue
President Elect's Report - Cynthia McCollough
Executive Director's Report - Angela Keyser
Treasurer's Report - Mahadevappa Mahesh
Government & Legislative Affairs Report - Richard Martin
ABR News - Jerry Allison & Aaron Gudenkauf
ACR FAQs - Dustin Gress
Health Policy and Economic Issues - Wendy Smith Fuss
Upstate New York Chapter Report - Mubin Shaikh
Imaging Practice Accreditation Subcommittee Report - Tyler Fisher
WGIMRT Article Watch - Collaboration with University of Miami and University of Chicago
William D. Coolidge Gold Medal Introduction Speech - Thomas Bortfeld
William D. Coolidge Gold Medal Acceptance Speech - Radhe Mohan
Educational Materials for Medical Residents - Ashely Cetnar & Matthew Studenski
Working Group for Non-Clinical Professionals Report - Christine Gnaster
2018 President's Workshop - Bruce Thomadsen
Tips for Asking for and Writing Professional Letters of Recommendation - PSPMWG
IROC Houston Report - Stephen Kry
2018 Summer School Report - Parham Alaei & George Ding
AIP's TEAM UP - Skye Haynes
Southern California Chapter Report - Varun Sehgal
Announcements in This Issue
RSNA 2018 AAPM 2018 Merchandise
Save the Dates: AAPM 2019 Meetings Award Winners 2018
Call for Nominations
Our Condolences