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Ashley Cetnar, MS | Columbus, Ohio & Matthew Studenski, PhD | Miami, Florida

AAPM Newsletter — Volume 43 No. 5 — September | October 2018

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What are these modules?

We want our physicians to have a strong understanding of the physics behind their practice. AAPM volunteers on the Radiation Oncology Medical Physics Education Subcommittee (ROMPES) have created web-based educational modules to aid in the education of medical residents. The topics are based on the American Society of Radiation Oncology’s 2016 Core Physics Curriculum for Radiation Oncology Residents. The pilot release is now available for review and feedback, which includes 27 short videos covering topics such as basic physics, atomic and nuclear structure, production of x-ray beams, linear accelerators, and radiation interactions.

Who are they for?

There are many challenges to teaching medical residents including attendance during a busy clinic day. One of the ways the modules can be used is for the residents to review the videos outside of class and spend valuable time within the class discussing and practicing what they have learned. This is known in the educational community as a flipped classroom approach. The modules were created for you as an instructor to use as a resource to help facilitate your classroom teaching and for the medical residents as a tool to help them learn about medical physics. Additionally, these modules could be useful for medical physics residents and graduate students, as well.

How can I access them?

The modules are web based and able to be viewed on any device including cell phones. The videos are hosted on Vimeo and the library can be accessed through the AAPM website.

Since this is a challenging website to remember, it can be more easily distributed to your colleagues and students by:

How can I help?

Your feedback is essential in guiding the future of our subcommittee. We appreciate your feedback for the pilot modules which will help direct the final product that will be helpful to you as an educator and your students as they learn the physics of radiation oncology. You can either contact us directly via email, complete the survey on the pilot page, or directly at:

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