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World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, June 3-8, 2018 | Prague, Czech Republic

Melissa Martin, PhD, IOMP Delegate | CA

AAPM Newsletter — Volume 43 No. 5 — September | October 2018

The AAPM was well represented at the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering which was held June 3-8, 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic. Our three IOMP delegates were Yakov Pitman, Melissa Martin, and Jatinder Palta. The Congress was held over six full days of presentations with sixteen simultaneous tracks from which to choose presentations by excellent speakers. The International Organization of Medical Physics (IOMP), in which the AAPM is a member society, holds their official meetings on the Tuesday morning of the Congress. At that time the site selection for the meeting to be held in six years is discussed and the presentations are made on Monday evening by each of the sites bidding to host the meeting in 2024. Other resolutions and items of discussion are acted upon by the delegates from around the world during the morning meeting of the delegates. On Tuesday, the delegates met to vote on the site selection with the winner announced. The 2021 World Congress will take place in Singapore and the 2024 World Congress will take place in Adelaide, Australia at their Biotechnology Center. Three of the officers in the IOMP that are leaders within the AAPM: Yakov Pitman, Geoff Ibbott, and Ibrahim Dahini are all elected officers.

A meeting of the Regional Organizations Board of the IOMP is also held at lunch during this meeting. Each regional representative gives an update on activities of their organization or region. With the AAPM, EFOMP, and Australian Medical Physics Society being the most developed and active groups, the other organizations look to us to help them move forward in their countries. Setting up the International Certification Board is a major project of the Regional Organizations for those areas that do not have their own certification boards already. The value of access to AAPM's Virtual Library is a prime project for discussion among the other organizations.

On Tuesday evening the Presidential Reception was held for the IOMP. This year was a very special year for AAPM at this reception where Fellowship and Honorary Membership Awards are presented. Three out of the four IOMP members who were awarded Fellowship in the IOMP are AAPM members: Geoff Ibbott, Yakov Pitman, and Melissa Martin. The other member awarded Fellowship this year was Magdalena Stoeva of Bulgaria. Mathuna (Matthew) Al-Ghazi from UC-Irvine was awarded Fellowhip in 2017 but was unable to attend the last meeting so he also was awarded his IOMP Fellow Certificate and Lapel Pin at this year's reception. Congratulations to these members for their work towards the objectives of the IOMP for the global development of medical physics.

One of the Special Session Tracks this year was on "Women in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering" organized by Eva Bezak, PhD, from Adelaide, Australia. Melissa Martin made the presentation on "Outstanding Female Physicists within the AAPM" featuring Edith Quimby, Rosalyn Yalow, Ann Wright, Maryellen Giger, Marilyn Stovall, Jean St. Germain, Melissa Martin, Mary L. Meurk, Cari Borras, Cynthia McCullough, and Mary Martel. Statistics on female membership throughout AAPM's history were presented and correlated with other organizations. Many other members of AAPM presented scientific work at this World Congress which contributed to the very successful meeting that it was. The Wednesday night dinner for attendees was held in one of the oldest castles in Prague for a fantastic highlight of the meeting. Participation in these World Congress meetings provides our members unequalled opportunities to interact with other medical physicists from around the world to compare techniques and results.

2018 IOMP Fellowship Recipients(L - R):  Yakov Pitman, Melissa Martin, and Geoff Ibbott with 2017 IOMP Fellowship Recipient, Matthew Al Ghazi 2018 IOMP Fellowship Recipients(L - R): Yakov Pitman, Melissa Martin, and Geoff Ibbott with 2017 IOMP Fellowship Recipient, Matthew Al Ghazi

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Dr. Dieterich

10-03-2018 15:43 PM

We should make sure our accomplished AAPM physicists, including the women, have wikipedia pages. Maybe the History Committee could help?