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Selected speakers have been asked to provide handouts for their presentations. The speakers will either provide the handout for posting on the website pre-meeting or at the show site, to be posted on a daily basis, as presented. Attendees are encouraged to print handouts prior to their arrival at the meeting.

AAPM Annual Business Meeting

Wednesday, July 15−− 6:15 PM - 7:30 PM EDT

During the Annual Business Meeting, AAPM’s President Saiful Huq and Treasurer Mahadevappa Mahesh will report on the status of the organization. AAPM’s Secretary Susan Richardson will present amendments to AAPM’s governance documents for discussion.

This year, the meeting will be held using GoToWebinar and requires a quick registration to attend. To register, click here.

You’ll be asked for your First Name, Last Name and Email Address. Once you enter those and click Register, you’ll be sent a link to join via email. This link is specific to you, please do not share it with others.

On July 15, join a few minutes before the webinar.

Audience microphones will be muted to start. If you’d like to speak, enter your name in the Questions box and your question/comment will be taken in order received.

When you are called on, the organizer will enable your microphone and you may speak. When you speak, please start by saying your name and if you are for or against the topic under discussion.

AAPM Awards Ceremony

Tuesday, July 14 −− 5:40 PM - 6:45 PM EDT

The American Association of Physicists in Medicine will honor the winners of the Association’s awards in 2020 in a special, virtual Awards Ceremony. Be sure to remain (or join) on-line to help recognize our honorees. This ceremony will include the recipients of our “medal” awards including the Coolidge Gold Medal, and also our “meeting awards”, including the winners of the Young Investigators Symposium. We will also name and honor the newest group of members to be elected Fellow of AAPM.

Plan also to attend the 2021 Awards Ceremony in Columbus, OH, where we will honor many of our 2020 awardees in person!

COMP Annual General Meeting & Award Ceremony

Thursday, July 16 −− 3:30 PM EDT

Please join us to celebrate the recipients of the following awards: Sylvia Fedoruk Prize, Fellow of COMP Award and Michael S. Patterson Publication Impact Prize. More information and a link to register.

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  • Canon Medical Systems, USA
  • CDR Systems, Inc.
  • CIRS
  • CIVCO Radiotherapy
  • Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors
  • Deepvoxel, Inc.
  • Delta4 by ScandiDos
  • DoseOptics
  • DYN'R
  • Elekta
  • IBA Dosimetry
  • IBA Proton Therapy
  • Image Owl, Inc.
  • International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP)
  • IOP Publishing
  • iRT Systems
  • Klarity
  • LANDAUER & RaySafe
  • LAP of America Laser Applications, LLC
  • Medical Physics Publishing
  • Medscint
  • Mevion Medical Systems
  • MIM Software, Inc.
  • Mirada Medical
  • Modus QA
  • Pearl Insurance
  • Philips Healthcare
  • PTW North America Corporation
  • QA Benchmark
  • Qfix
  • Quantek Systems
  • Radcal Corporation
  • Radformation
  • Radiological Imaging Technology, Inc.
  • RaySearch Laboratories AB
  • RTI Group NA
  • Sensus Healthcare
  • Siemens Healthineers
  • Standard Imaging, Inc.
  • Sun Nuclear Corporation
  • The Phantom Laboratory
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  • Varian Medical Systems
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  • Vision RT

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Special Interest Meetings

These special sessions give participants the opportunity to meet and discuss items of interest outside of the normal meeting content. Session capacity will be limited to the first 100 meeting registrants who join. We may not be able to meet face-to-face, but we can still gather for thoughtful, fun, and — most of all — interesting conversations! You must be registered for the Virtual Meeting in order to participate in these Special Interest Meetings. Simply add them to your agenda on the virtual platform.

Note: You must have Zoom downloaded to your machine to particpate in the Special Interest Meetings. The Zoom app will lauch when you click the link to join within the virtual platform. If you need to download Zoom, please click here.


Sunday, July 12 −− 5:45 PM - 6:45 PM EDT

Medical Physics Family Storytime
Host/Moderator: Courtney Buckey, Julianne Pollard-Larkin

Let AAPM help you and your little scientists wind down on Sunday evening, with Medical Physics Family Storytime. Watch and listen as fellow medical physicists share STEM-centric books for children of all ages. There will also be two very special books, read by their authors. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, July 12 −− 5:45 PM - 7:00 PM EDT

New Member Symposium
Host/Moderator: Amirh Johnson

This symposium is designed to give an overview of AAPM structure, operation, and volunteer opportunities to those beginning their medical physics careers or engagement in AAPM. Representatives from the New Professionals Subcommittee, AAPM leadership, and each of the AAPM Councils will discuss ways new members can get involved.

Sunday, July 12 −− 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EDT

Impact of COVID
Host/Moderator: Jerry White

"An epidemiologist, an ICU doctor and a scientist walk into a bar... Just kindding, they know better."
During this Special Interest Meeting, we will take time to share reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic, precautions and accomodations at home, in the clinic and in the larger society.

Sunday, July 12 −− 7:15 PM - 8:15 PM EDT

ABR Trustees and AED
Host/Moderator: Geoff Ibbott

This will be an informal conversation with the medical physics leadership of the American Board of Radiology. You will have an opportunity to ask about the recent ABR/AAPM statement on remote exams, the schedule for upcoming exams, and other questions you might have about the certification process.

Sunday, July 12 −− 8:45 PM - 9:45 PM EDT

Let's Get Social: Social Networking Trivia Night
Host/Moderator: Kristen McConnell

Join your fellow physicists for a night of trivia and fun! Hosted by the Ad Hoc Committee on External Communications and Social Media, even if you aren't sure of the answer, you can be sure the session will be social!


Monday, July 13 −− 5:45 PM - 6:45 PM EDT

Open House for Landauer Medical Physics Therapy Residency Program
Host/Moderator: Nathan Davis

This is an opportunity to meet and greet the program director, clinical mentors, residents and recent graduates from Landauer Medical Physics therapy residency program. We will glad to answer any questions about the program and will discuss life as a resident in the program.

Monday, July 13 −− 5:40 PM - 7:15 PM EDT

Women's Professional Subcommittee Special Interest Session: A Panel Discussion on the Gender Disparate Effects of the Covid-19 Crisis on the Work Environment and Work/Life Balance.
Host/Moderator: Kristi Hendrickson

Many women are bearing the brunt of the extra labor during the pandemic, which will have consequences on their long-term career progress and short-term work/life balance. Join us to hear the experiences and suggestions of a diverse panel of women medical physicists, led by WPSC chair, Kristi Hendrickson.

Monday, July 13 −− 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM EDT

Meet the Experts: NIH Program Officers
Host/Moderator: Amit Sawant, Ke Sheng, Carri Glide-Hurst

This event will feature NIH Program Officers who manage various programs in the areas of Imaging, Therapy, and Imaging Informatics to answer questions from participants. Themes explored will include (a) NIH Institutes and Study Sections relevant to AAPM members, (b) Latest guidelines on preliminary data, scientific rigor, sex as a biological variable, etc. (c) Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on NIH programs and paylines for medical physics research.

Monday, July 13 −− 7:45 - 8:45 PM EDT

Opportunities for Global Engagement
Host/Moderator: Saiful Huq

Members of AAPM often ask the question: “How can I get involved in global health-related activities that require medical physics expertise” ? Several leaders of AAPM will host a one-hour discussion on such opportunities with an emphasis on mentorship, training and education, development of need-based initiatives applicable to specific regions in the world, international medical physics certification and others. This will be a friendly and open discussion among the participants.

Monday, July 13 −− 8:45 PM - 10:15 PM EDT

Balancing Family, Research, Clinic, and Cabernet
Host/Moderator: Kristy Brock, Geoff Hugo

Do you feel like there are never enough hours in the day? Do you wish you had a better ‘system’ to integrate life and work? We are fortunate to have Thomas Ramsey III, Relationship Lead + Facilitator, with us for a lively discussion on how to manage email, fix meeting culture, learn to say no and delegate, and optimize your time so that you can achieve your goals at work and at home!


Tuesday, July 14 −− 6:45 PM - 7:45 PM EDT

Meet the Award Winner
Host/Moderator: Kristy Brock

Join for an informal discussion with the Coolidge Gold Medal winner, Dr. Randall Ten Haken. Feel free to bring your own refreshments as we enjoy a virtual wine and cheese reception in honor of Dr. Ten Haken.

Tuesday, July 14 −− 7:15 PM - 8:15 PM EDT

Let’s Talk About Race with AAPM Leadership
Host/Moderator: Saiful Huq, Julianne Pollard-Larkin

AAPM president Saiful Huq, PhD and AAPM chair of the Diversity and Inclusion subcommittee, Julianne Pollard-Larkin, PhD will host a one hour discussion on the intersection of race, Medical Physics and AAPM. The conversation will be focused on how the recent movement towards civil rights and justice will impact our organization. The format will be open to all and even allow for live questions and answers.

Tuesday, July 14 −− 7:15 PM - 8:15 PM EDT

Career as Academic Medical Physicists
Host/Moderator: Ke Sheng

During this session, we will invite four academic medical physicists in radiation oncology to share their experience, including challenges, tips in job negotiation, funding strategies, and time balance. They will also offer their perspectives for the future of academic medical physics and answer questions from the host as well as the session attendants.

Tuesday, July 14 −− 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM EDT

What makes a good leader? An open roundtable social hour and discussion
Host/Moderator: Eric Ford, Jennifer Johnson

Join us for this Special Interest Meeting, an informal roundtable social hour focused on the question “What makes a good leader?” Leaders from AAPM and Medical Physics Leadership Academy (MPLA) will host this event and moderate the discussion. Expect crowd sourcing, lively discussion and possible cat videos.


Wednesday, July 15 −− 7:45 PM - 8:45 PM EDT

IHE-RO Open House
Host/Moderator: Scott Hadley

Integrating Healthcare Enterprise for Radiation Oncology (IHE RO) is a collaboration to identify areas to improve data exchange. Our best ideas come from clinicians working the clinic and dealing with systems that don’t exchange data well. We want to hear from you on what your needs are for streamlined data exchange.

Wednesday, July 15 −− 7:45 PM - 8:45 PM EDT

3D Dosimetry Special Interest Group
Host/Moderator: Geoff Ibbott

3D Dosimetry is an emerging field of study in which a variety of materials, as well electronic devices, can record and display dose distributions in three dimensions. A number of presenters will describe exciting new techniques and uses during AAPM/COMP. This will be an opportunity for informal discussion.

Wednesday, July 15 −− 7:45 PM - 8:45 PM EDT

Discussion of Residency Training in the age of COVID
Host/Moderator: Nathan Davis

An open forum to discuss the training of residents with the current restrictions in place due to COVID-19. Topics will include (but not exclusive to): onboarding and starting residents, challenges to evaluating residents remotely, preparation for virtual interviews in 2021.

Wednesday, July 15 −− 8:45 PM - 10:00 PM EDT

Social Hour Discussion: Pushing the envelope of MRI in Radiation Therapy
Host/Moderator: Carri Glide-Hurst

Bring your favorite beverage and join us for a lively social session discussing current efforts to enhance the integration of MRI in Radiation Therapy including for treatment planning and for MR-guided deliveries. For the first 15 minutes, a brief intro describing the state of the art and national and international standardization efforts will be reviewed. Novel ongoing clinical trials will be described. Then, we will have moderator facilitated discussions on several topics pertaining to MRI in Radiation Therapy including interesting clinical case discussions. Finally, a crowd-sourced survey will be conducted to ascertain perceived areas of unmet need.

Wednesday, July 15 −− 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EDT

Tomotherapy/Radixact User Social
Host/Moderator: Quan Chen

There have been several key updates to the tomotherapy platform: Radixact, Synchrony, Raystation... It’s a good opportunity to hear and share clinical experiences, QA practices, and tips and tricks with each other. Most importantly, this event allows Tomo users to connect with old friends and new.


Thursday, July 16 −− 5:45 PM - 7:45 PM EDT

AAPM | COMP Happy Hour
Host/Moderator: Parminder Basran, Nadia Octave

#AAPMCOMP2020 Virtual Happy Hour! Join us to experience Vancouver, interact with your friends and colleagues, and have some fun shared experiences in break-out rooms. Details of the agenda and interactive sessions will be announced during the week of the conference. Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 16 −− 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM EDT

LGBTQIA+ AAPM Social — Sponsored by the AAPM Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee (WMRSC)
Host/Moderator: Sunshine Osterman, Victoria Ainsworth

Come connect - an hour of introductions, socializing, and networking in a safe, supportive space. This special session will be hosted outside of the main Pathable platform. To register, click here.

Med Phyz Wiz Kidz Program

Med Phyz Wiz Kidz has gone completely virtual this year! Parents who have struggled teaching STEM at home will now get some relief! The Diversity and Inclusion subcommittee (WMRSC) and the Women’s Professional subcommittee (WPSC) have teamed forces with our friends in Rad Onc to bring you some fun lab experiments you can do with your children in your home or even at school! And our outreach efforts have no limits as these taped labs can be seen on demand even to audiences outside of AAPM!

Questions? Email

med phys wiz kid logo

Fitness Challenge

Wednesday, July 1 - Thursday, July 16

Get active while raising money for meaningful causes linked to this year’s meeting theme of Improving Health Quality. Increasing Global Impact. Have fun joining your fellow meeting attendees in competing for great prizes, and - since meeting registration isn't required - colleagues, friends, and family can participate, too! To get started, watch the brief video overview below; visit the event page for additional information.

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