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Improving Health Through Medical Physics

SMART Initiatives

Specific Measurable Action-oriented Realistic Time-based

Creating transformational change in the practice of medical physics is by nature intrinsically uncertain. The MP3.0 working group has determined that this challenging undertaking requires a multi-pronged approach through sub-committees, each of which is focused on fostering one of seven guiding “SMART” aspirations. SMART is meant to invoke the character of intentionality, intelligence, effectiveness, and leanness in targeting the objectives of MP3.0. The seven aspirations are:

  1. UNIT No. 39 – Smart Regulations

    To develop comprehensive professional expectations for Medical Physics 3.0 practice through intentional regulations, guidelines, and accreditation. 

    Short term goals

    Work with Professional Council to:

    1. Develop a list of potential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), strategies to implement, and establish benchmarks and methodology for tracking.
    2. Continue to develop MPPG’s
    3. Coordinate MPPG/TG process
  2. UNIT No. 40 – Smart Tools

    Encourage the development of technological resources that enable the practice of MP3.0 efficiently and consistently. More info.

  3. UNIT No. 41 – Smart Practitioners

    Define and encourage strong and explicit technical, clinical, and leadership competencies for practicing medical physicists to fully contribute their unique expertise as scientists and healthcare professionals to medicine.

  4. UNIT NO. 42 – Smart Practice

    Devise working models and practice norms that encourage and facilitate the practice of MP3.0.

  5. Unit No. 43 – Smart Advocacy

    Advocate for the role and potential of medical physics to non-physicist professions, colleagues (e.g., administrators, physicians), and patients.

  6. Unit No. 44 – Smart Grassroots

    To develop a comprehensive communications strategy for MP3.0 to raise awareness among AAPM members of needed changes and evolution required in the medical physics profession and to encourage adoption and buy-in of MP 3.0 initiatives.

  7. Unit No. 46 – Smart Expansion

    Identify and address the needs and opportunities for medical physics research and clinical practice in fields of medicine beyond radiology and radiation oncology.

    Short term goals

    1. Explore individual and organizational connections between AAPM (and its members) and physicists and groups working on biomedical optics, optical imaging, and lasers in medicine.
    2. Evaluate opportunities for AAPM to collaborate with APS (including its new Topical Group on Medical Physics), SPIE Medical Imaging, and other similar organizations.