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Improving Health Through Medical Physics
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Join the current conversations about the role of patient gonadal and fetal shielding in Radiology. This set of six modules will provide information about the history of patient gonadal and fetal shielding, the scientific basis for its widespread implementation in the 20th century, and the science behind recommended current practice changes. Additionally, patient shielding will be discussed with the context of image quality and dose optimization in radiographic imaging, including patient positioning and collimation.

The modules are a collaborative effort of the CARES committee, whose membership draws from several imaging specialties, including radiologic technologists, educators, regulators, health and medical physicists, and radiologists. All modules are intended for anyone who is involved in medical imaging.

The modules are designed to be viewed individually or as a collective set of presentations. Ranging in length from 15 minutes to 25 minutes, viewing these modules can easily be worked into your busy schedule. Watch the modules and join the conversation about patient gonadal and fetal shielding!!

AAPM CARES Module 1 - Fetal and Gonadal Shielding During Radiography

AAPM CARES Module 2 - Gonadal Shielding: Historical Perspectives

AAPM CARES Module 3 - Fetal Shielding

AAPM CARES Module 4 - Factors that Reduce the Effectiveness of Gonadal Shielding

AAPM CARES Module 5 - Changing How We Think About Patient Fetal & Gonadal Shielding

AAPM CARES Module 6 - Understanding the Radiographer’s Role in Radiation Safety and Image Quality