Improving Health Through Medical Physics

AAPM Newsletter — Volume 44 No. 3 — May | June 2019

Image of 2019 May | June Newsletter Issue
Special Interest Group Report
Women's Professional Subcommittee
Medical Physics Education Abroad: ICTP College on Medical Physics - Hasin Anupama Azhari
Book Review - Erika Chin
Featured Physicist - Margie Hunt - Katie Woch Naheedy
The Importance of Diversity in Medical Physics - Jennifer Pursley and Laura Cervino
International Women's Day and The Connection to Women in Physics - Jennifer Pursley
#WomenWhoCurie: Using Social Media to Promote Awareness of Women in Radiation Oncology - Jennifer Pursley
WPSC News Bites - WPSC
WPSC Updates for Annual Meeting - Kristi Hendrickson, Jaclyn Marcel, and Julianne M. Pollard-Larkin
Articles In This Issue
Chair of the Board's Report - Bruce Thomadsen
Executive Director's Report - Angela R. Keyser
Education Council's Report - John Antolak
Science Council's Report - Julianne Pollard-Larkin and Sam Armato
Legislative & Regulatory Affair's Report - Richard Martin
ABR News - Jerry D. Allison, Kalpana M. Kanal, Matthew B. Podgorsak, and J. Anthony Seibert
ACR FAQs - Dustin A. Gress
Working Group Update - Working Group on the Implementation of TG‐100
A Medical Physics Tour of Iraq - Multhana Al-Ghazi
In Memorium of Edward L. Nickoloff - Mahadevappa Mahesh
IROC Houston Report - David Followill
Annual Meeting Subcommittee Report - Robin Stern
Announcements in This Issue
2019 AAPM Elections Reminder 2019 RSNA
2019 Summer School AAPM Awards & Honors
2019 Annual Meeting Important Dates Graduate Fellowships
2019 Annual Meeting Student Activities 2019 Horizons Travel Grant Winners
2019 Annual Meeting New Member Symposium 2019 AAPM BEST Award
2020 Spring Clinical Meeting Save the date AAPM Merchandise
IAEA - New Competition ICMP 2019
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