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AAPM Newsletter — Volume 42 No.5 — September|October 2017


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The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) announced on August 11 that it is initiating a retrospective review of its administrative regulations beginning this fall. The goal of the review will be to improve the management and administration of regulatory activities. The review will identify administrative regulations that are outdated or duplicative, and determine whether those regulations can be eliminated without impacting the agency’s safety and security mission. Through this review, the NRC hopes to improve how applicants and licensees submit information, keep records, and report to the agency. In its press release, the NRC advised that it is developing a strategy to accomplish this review and will engage stakeholders in the process through public meetings and requests for comment. We are monitoring this issue and will update AAPM members as they develop. As AAPM's Government Relations Specialist, please feel free to call me at (571) 298-1227 or email me with any questions or concerns.

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