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Taxonomy: TH- Radiation Dose Measurement Devices: Phantoms for dosimetric measurement

BReP-SNAP-T-62Examining the Capability of Versa HD to Accurately Treat Single-Isocenter Multi-Lesion Brain Patients
R McGurk1*, E Schreiber1, M Dance1, S Stathakis2, K Zourari3,4, G Kalaitzakis3,5, E Zoros3,4, E Pappas3,6, B Read7, P Barry7, N Papanikolaou2, S Das1, P Mavroidis1, (1) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, (2) Mays Cancer Center - MD Anderson Cancer Center, San Antonio, TX, (3) 3RTsafe P.C., Athens, Greece, (4) Medical Physics Laboratory, Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece, (5) Department of Medical Physics, University of Crete, Heraklion, Greece, (6) Radiology & Radiotherapy Sector, Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of West Attica, Athens, Greece, (7) Oncology Solutions, Elekta AB
PO-GeP-T-21-D Scanning Water Phantom for 2-D IC Array and LDIC
M Moyers1*, Y Deng1, Z Zhou2, Z Chen1, (1) Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center, CN, (2) Shanghai Zhouyun Industrial Co., Ltd., CN
PO-GeP-T-85ADAM-Pelvic Phantom Update: Using Different Dosimetrydetectors to Measure the Dose by An End-To-End Validation
W Johnen1;2*, C Gillmann1;2, M Marot1;2, A Schwahofer1;2;3, A Runz1;2, G Echner1;2, (1) DKFZ, Heidelberg, DE, (2)Heidelberg Institute for Radiation Oncology (HIRO), Heidelberg, DE,(3) National Center for Radiation Research in Oncology (NCRO), Heidelberg, DE,
PO-GeP-T-439Experimental Verification of Reference Dosimetry Correction Factors for Leksell Gamma Knife Icon Beams
W Hager1*, V Kaveckyte2,3, H Benmakhlouf3, (1) Dept. of Physics, Stockholm University, Stockholm, SE, (2) Dept. of Medical and Health Sciences, Linkoping University, Linkoping, SE, (3) Dept. of Medical Radiation Physics and Nuclear Medicine, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, SE
PO-GeP-T-608On the Systematic Difference Between IROC TLD Measurements and Tomotherapy TPS Dose Calculation for Small Body Phantoms
A Kapulsky*, A Ndlovu, Cancer Center & Hackensak Medical Center, Hackensack, NJ, Hackensack University Medical Center, Hackensack, NJ
PO-GeP-T-631Patient SRS Plans Verification of the New O-Ring System (Halcyon™)
D NGUYEN1*,J FARAH3, F JOSSERAND PIETRI2, M KHODRI1, (1) Radiotherapy centers of ORLAM group, MACON,FR, (2) Radiotherapy centers of ORLAM group, LYON,FR, (3) Vision RT Ltd, LONDON,UK
PO-GeP-T-713SABR Pre-Treatment Verification of Multiple Dosimeters (alanine, PTW60019, NanoDot, and TLD100H)
N Esen1*, P Ramachandran2, P Archer1, M Geso4, (1) Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre,Victoria,Australia, (2) Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, QLD,Australia. (3) RMIT University, Medical Radiations Science Discipline.
PO-GeP-T-784The IROC Houston Quality Assurance Center's Independent Peer Review QA Program
D Followill*, J Lowenstein, A Molineu, P Alvarez, P Taylor, S Kry, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center - IROC, Houston, TX