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Taxonomy: TH- Brachytherapy: Dose optimization and planning

BReP-SNAP-T-54Efficient Stochastic Optimization Accounting for Uncertainty in HDR Prostate Brachytherapy Needle Placement
S Gerlach1*, F Siebert2, A Schlaefer1, (1) Hamburg University of Technology, Hamburg, HH, DE, (2) University Hospital of Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Kiel, Medical Physics, Kiel, KI, DE
PO-GeP-P-92On The Effectiveness and Accuracy of .Decimal's 3D Scanner System
J Newton*, K Li, John R. Marsh Cancer Center, Hagerstown, MDAF,
PO-GeP-T-95An Efficient Optimization Method for Prostate LDR Planning by Including Prior Knowledge
G Szalkowski1*, R Chen2, T Royce1, A Wang1, J Lian1, (1) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, (2) University Of Kansas
PO-GeP-T-222Comparison of Forward-Planned and Inversely-Optimized Dose Distributions for Patients Treated Using An Hybrid Interstitial Gynecological Applicator Placed Under MRI Guidance for Treatment of Cervical Cancer
S Simiele1*, G Mcginnis2, M Cunningham1, C Starks1, L Colbert2, M Joyner2, L Lin2, A Jhingran2, P Eifel2, A Venkatesan3, A Klopp2, (1) Department of Radiation Physics, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, (2) Department of Radiation Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, (3) Abdominal Imaging Department, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
PO-GeP-T-330Dosimetric Comparison of Inverse Planning Simulated Annealing and Graphical Optimization in Oncentra Based MUPIT Interstitial Plans
G Narayanasamy*, S Morrill, M Bimali, E Galhardo, F Kalantari Mahmoudabadi, G Lewis, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AA
PO-GeP-T-358Dosimetry of the Beta Ophthalmic Applicator Utilized in the Cook Et Al. RCT for Scar Prophylaxis in Glaucoma Trabeculectomy Surgery
A Cohen* (1), L Marsteller (1), IE Murdoch (1,2), N Joubert (3), J Wetter (3), G Maree (3), W Lutz (1); (1) Radiance Therapeutics, Inc.; (2) Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London, UK; (3) Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Cape Town, Groote Shuur Hospital, ZA.
PO-GeP-T-371Effects of Tissue Inhomogeneity and Applicator Physical Properties On 3-D HDR Tandem and Ovoid Treatment Plans
D Kahn*, J Roberson, Z Xu, J Kim, S Lu, A Hsia, X Qian, S Ryu, Stony Brook University Hospital, Department of Radiation Oncology, Stony Brook, NY
PO-GeP-T-420Evaluation of the RayStation Monte Carlo Dose Algorithm for Small-Field Surface-Collimated Electrons
J Fenoli1*, M Oakey1, S Andrew2, R McGurk1, (1) University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, (2) Rex UNC Radiation Oncology, Raleigh, NC
PO-GeP-T-441Eye Plaque Brachytherapy Treatment Planning with Fundus Image-Based Tumor Modeling: Retrospective Institutional Experience
I Chibirev1*, S Meltsner2, Z Chang3, M Materin4, D Kirsch5, O Craciunescu6, (1) Duke University, Durham, NC, (2) Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, (3) Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, (4) Duke University Medical Center, ,,(5) Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, (6) Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC