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Taxonomy: IM/TH- Cone Beam CT: Quality Control

BReP-SNAP-I-8B0 Variation From Ferromagnetic Gantry Rotation
H Gach*, A Curcuru, D Yang, O Green, S Mutic, T Kim, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO
BReP-SNAP-I-18Electronic X-Ray Field Alignment Detection
E mckenzie1*, I Rutel2, (1) University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, (2) University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, Oklahoma City, OK
BReP-SNAP-I-24Implementation of CT Protocol Management Software to Detect Deviations From Master Protocols
K Little1*, J Jacobs2, N Fitousi2, M Robins1, J Carpenter1, A Rupe1, D Hintenlang1, (1) Ohio State Univ, Columbus, OH, (2) Qaelum NV, Leuven, BE
BReP-SNAP-I-30Investigation of the NPS as a Tool for Routine Quality Control of Digital X-Ray Systems
M Ghorbanzade*, I Elbakri, CancerCare Manitoba, Winnipeg, MBCA,
PO-GeP-I-11A Multifunction Software Tool for ACR MRI QC Evaluation and Accreditation Program
J-X Wang*, W T Sobol, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL
PO-GeP-I-15A Phantom-Based Assessment of Low-Contrast Performance Comparing Iterative Reconstruction Algorithms in CT
S Leon*, C Schaeffer, E Olguin, M Arreola, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
PO-GeP-I-38Automatic CT Air Bubble Artifact Detection in Routine QC Images
A Verones1,2*, S Wong3, J Cheung4, T Lee4, T Bjarnason1,5,6, (1) University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA, (2) Advanced Quality Systems, Inc., Vancouver, CA, (3) Tuen Mun Hospital, HK, (4) Prince of Wales Hospital, HK, (5) University of British Columbia, Okanagan, Kelowna, CA, (6) Interior Health, Kelowna, CA
PO-GeP-I-54Clinical Impact Study of a New High Resolution Fluoroscopic Imager: Analysis of 400,000 Irradiation Events
A Kuhls-Gilcrist*, M Hohn, N Xenos, D Marek, Y Hoi, Canon Medical Systems USA, Tustin, CA
PO-GeP-I-57Comparison and Validation of Noise Magnitude Estimation Methods From Patient CT Images
F Ria*, T Smith, E Abadi, J Solomon, E Samei, Duke University Health System, Durham, NC
PO-GeP-I-67CT Exam Alert Level Setting, Evaluation, and Case Examples
R Lamoureux*, D Sandoval, G Chambers, R Selwyn, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
PO-GeP-I-117Evaluation of Phantom Image Quality with Curved and Flat Compression Paddle in 2D Mammography
P Brunick*, J Yang, Kaiser Permanente Southern California Permanente Medical Group, Pasadena, CA
PO-GeP-I-121Feasibility of An Analytical Medical Image Quality Assessment That Requires No User Input
F Eashour*, S Pistorius, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, CA
PO-GeP-I-133Image Quality in the Slice-Plane of Half-Reconstructed Computed Tomography in Filtered Back Projection and Iterative Reconstruction Methods
N Tsuda1*, K Mitsui2, S Oda3, N Tanaka4, H Aibe5, (1) Division of Radiology, Saga-ken Medical Centre Koseikan, Saga-shi, ,JP, (2) Division of Radiology, Saga-ken Medical Centre Koseikan, Saga-shi, ,JP, (3) Division of Radiology, Saga-ken Medical Centre Koseikan, Saga-shi, ,JP, (4) Department of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University, Fukuoka-shi, ,JP, (5) Department of Radiology, Saga-ken Medical Centre Koseikan, Saga-shi, ,JP
PO-GeP-I-138Impact of Scanner Speed On the Rate of Radiologist Complaint of Motion Artifact On Pediatric Body CT
M Lipford*, T Szczykutowicz, University Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI
PO-GeP-I-159Optimization and Validation of An Automatic Noise Measurement Algorithm for Clinical CT Image Data
M Ahmad*, A Thomas, M Jacobsen, R Layman, K Brock, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
PO-GeP-I-178Quantitative Evaluation of Image Quality of Deep-Learning-Based CT Reconstruction Using Structural SIMilarity (SSIM)
K Yang*, A Parakh, R Gupta, A Kambadakone, X Li, B Liu, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
PO-GeP-I-207The Design and Fabrication of a Dynamic Anthropomorphic Thorax Phantom
Z Xu1*, Z Sun1, X Shi2, C Lin3, W Lu1, W Lu1, J Qiu1, L Shi1, (1) Shandong First Medical University & Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences, Taian, CN, (2) Shengli College, China university of petroleum, Dongying, CN, (3) Taian Disabled soldiers' Hospital of Shandong Province, Taian, CN
PO-GeP-I-216Toward Developing a Practical Approach for Evaluating CT Scanner Tube Current Modulation Performance
S Zhang*, J Provencher, R Subramaniam, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY
PO-GeP-I-227Utilizing a Radiology-Based Informatics System to Impact Clinical Practice: A Study to Improve and Track Patient Alignment in Computed Tomography
A Moody1*, L DeWeese2, T Griglock3, (1) UT Health San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, (2) Oregon Health & Science Univ, Portland, OR, (3) Oregon Health & Science Univ, Portland, OR
PO-GeP-I-233Variations in Image Artifacts at Ultra-Low Radiation Dose Levels Due to Differences in Scanner Make and Model: Implications for CT Screening Applications
J Browne, M Bruesewitz, Z Long*, T Vrieze, C McCollough, L Yu, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
PO-GeP-M-194Evaluating the Clinical Utility of Cherenkov Imaging in Radiotherapy
R Hachadorian1*, D Alexander1, I Tendler1, M Jermyn1,2, B Pogue1,2,3, L Jarvis3, (1) Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, (2) DoseOptics LLC, Lebanon, NH, (3) Dartmouth-Hitchcock Med. Ctr., Lebanon, NH
PO-GeP-M-285Long Term Stability of KV Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Image Quality Assurance for IBA Proteus PLUS Proton Therapy System
J George*, J Bennouna, S Rana, J Yu, L Coutinho, M Hobson, L Perles, S George, A Gutierrez, Miami Cancer Institute, Miami, FLORIDA,
PO-GeP-P-12Clinical Review of Radiography Reject and Repeat Rate Changes After Upgrading From CR to DR
R Fisher1*, (1) MetroHealth, Cleveland, OH
PO-GeP-P-21Automated Quality Control for ACR Compliance
M Christensen*, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA 02114
PO-GeP-P-26A Simple Test Tool to Optimize Protocol in Real Time Fluoroscopic Imaging
R Livingstone*, B Pearline, A Singh, N Ahirwar, S Devasahayam, Christian Medical College, Vellore, TN IN,
PO-GeP-P-93OBI Image Quality Assurance Using Process Capability Indices
S Alani*, Y Tova
TU-B-TRACK 1-1Variations in Signal-To-Noise Characteristics of Tissue-Equivalent Attenuators for Automatic Exposure Control System Performance Evaluation in Mammography
C Morrison*, E Macdonald, N Bevins, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI
TU-B-TRACK 1-7Interim Annual QC Test Results for a Tomography Screening Trial
A Maki*, M Yaffe, J Mainprize, G Mawdsley, O Alonzo-Proulx, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto, ON CA,
TU-D-TRACK 1-6Assessing Digital Image Receptor Performance Using the Noise-Response Method: A Feasibility Study for Routine Quality Control
G Fong*, K Wunderle, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH