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Taxonomy: IM- MRI : Phantoms - physical

BReP-SNAP-I-15Design and Manufacture of Anatomically Realistic, Actuated, Elastic Lung Inserts for PET/CT Phantom Studies with Respiratory Motion
D Black1*, Y Oloumi1, J Wong1, R Fedrigo1,2, C Uribe3, D Kadrmas4, A Rahmim1,2, I Klyuzhin2, (1) University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, CA, (2) BC Cancer Research Centre, Vancouver, BC, CA, (3) BC Cancer, Vancouver, BC, CA, (4) University Of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
BReP-SNAP-I-39Phantom-Guided Optimization of BSREM Reconstruction Parameters Using Shell-Less Radioactive Epoxy Lesions for [18F]F-DCFPyL Prostate Cancer Imaging
R Fedrigo1;2*, D Kadrmas3, P Edem4, F Benard1;2;4, A Rahmim1;2;4, C Uribe-Munoz4, (1) BC Cancer Research Centre, Vancouver, BC, CA, (2) University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, CA, (3) University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah (4) BC Cancer, Vancouver, BC, CA,
PO-GeP-I-205Temperature Dependence of T1, T2 and T1rho in Agarose Phantoms
P Hardy1*, X Li2, (1) University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, (2) Cleveland Clinic Foundation,
PO-GeP-I-229Validation of a Novel 3D Printed Contrast-Detail Phantom for Cardiac Nuclear Medicine
S Green*, J Grice, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN
PO-GeP-M-327Phantom with Randomly Distributed Anechoic Spheres for Assessing Lesion Detectability and Scan Setup of Ultrasound Transducers
Z Li1*, C Baiu2, J Chen3, J Zagzebski4, (1) Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL, (2) Sun Nuclear Corp, Middleton, WI, (3) Northwestern Univ, Chicago, IL, (4) University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
PO-GeP-P-15Verification Measurements On Single Section Or in Air On ICRU/AAPM Long CT Phantom: Application of AAPM Report 200
D Bakalyar*, J Steiner, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI
TU-D-TRACK 1-2Development of Cost-Effective Phantoms for 2D X-Ray Imaging Applications Using Stackable Binary Images From An Inkjet Printer
J Cruz Bastida*, N Reiser, E Pearson, E Marshall, N Baughan, J George, H Al-Hallaq, K Feinstein, I Reiser, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois