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The Effects of Radiation On Cell Viability in Hydrogel Scaffolds Used for 3D Tumor Model Construction

G Babakhanova1, T Dukic2, B Bhandary2, P Maggi2, N Lamichhane2, J Mahmood2, I Pazos1, R Tosh1, C Simon1, J Polf2*, (1) National Institute Of Standards And Technology, Gaithersburg MD (2) University Of Maryland School Of Medicine, Baltimore, MD


(Sunday, 7/12/2020)   [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

Room: AAPM ePoster Library

Purpose: To measure the effect of radiation on cell viability in hydrogel scaffold-based 3D tumor models.
Methods: For this study, we used polysaccharide hydrogel (PSHG, VitroGel, TheWell Bioscience, Inc.), to produce 3D scaffold-cell models. PSHG scaffolds polymerize into a gel when cell culture medium containing calcium or sodium ions is added to it. The 3D PSHG structures mimic the natural extracellular matrix environment and are suitable for long-term cell culture. To assess PSHG degradation and effects of ionizing radiation on cell culture medium, we first irradiated the 3D PSHG models as well as cell culture media with 0, 1, or 10 Gy using a 6°Co irradiator. The irradiated media was used to culture human T lymphocyte (Jurkat) cells. The effects of the ionizing radiation on cell culture medium was assessed via cell viability and proliferation studies.
Results: 3D PSHG scaffolds did not degrade when irradiated with doses up to 10 Gy. However, the samples irradiated with a 10 Gy gamma ray dose show that the cell proliferation is reduced by 31% as compared to non-irradiated samples on the third day of cell culture.
Conclusion: The use of PSHG-based 3D tumor models for radiation biology and “tumor-on-a-chip” based studies of cancer is a rapidly expanding research area. From these studies we show that the effect of radiation on a 3D PSHG model is significant at a dose of 10 Gy. For large radiation therapy treatment doses, such as those encountered for hypo-fractionated (> 5 Gy) and ultra-high dose rate (FLASH) radiotherapy, radiation effects on the gel must be considered when measuring cell viability. Following these experiments, we will begin studies of PSHG-based 3D tumor models (including cells) irradiated with clinical x-ray and proton radiotherapy beams.


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