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Small Animal LYSO-PET Detector Design

L Dingjie1, Y FAN2*, (1) Henan Cancer Hospital, Henan, ,CN, (2) Henan Cancer Hospital, Zhengzhou, ,CN


(Sunday, 7/12/2020)   [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

Room: AAPM ePoster Library

Purpose: quality of PET tomographic images is mainly directly affected by the detector. Designed a LYSO-PET detector to prepare for the later establishment of small animal PET systems.

Methods: small animal LYSO-PET detector was designed based on the coupling of LYSO crystal and PSPMT. A data acquisition system was built using the PXI8501 synchronous acquisition card, and the intrinsic 2D position map and position discrimination of the LYSO-PET detector were obtained. The single-pixel average energy resolution and average position discrimination of the detector were further tested using a 22Na standard source with a diameter of 3mm and a height of 10mm, and preliminary imaging was performed simultaneously.

Results: intrinsic two-dimensional position map of the LYSO-PET detector is clear, and the eigenposition discrimination FWHM is 0.21mm. The result of testing 22Na standard source is that the single-pixel average energy resolution is 20.6%, and the average position discrimination FWHM is 0.54mm. The diameter of the tomographic image obtained by the dual-probe PET system is 2.5 mm, and the length of the sagittal image is 10.9 mm.

Conclusion: designed LYSO-PET detector meets the basic requirements of small animal PET systems, and provides hardware support for the subsequent construction of multiple rows of small animal PET systems. At the same time, provide guidance for the design of domestic scintillator small animal PET detectors.




IM- PET : Micro (including small animal imaging)

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