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Heyman Applicators and Varian Click Fit 200 Series_ Clinical Commissioning

S George*, T Romaguera, A Gutierrez, Miami Cancer Institute, Miami, FL


(Sunday, 7/12/2020)   [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

Room: AAPM ePoster Library

Purpose: check the accuracy and distance of the VariSource ‘black click’ (Needle ClickFit Transfer Guide Tube 200 series) connector and the ‘Heyman Packing Applicator Set’ GM11004850 that will be used for upcoming Intra-cavitary procedures.

Methods: total of 15 (ø4x17.5), 15 (ø6x17.5) and 12 (ø8x17.5) Heyman packing applicators were purchased from Varian. 200 series Needle ClickFit Transfer tubes- each one corresponding to appropriate channel numbers of the Varisource Machine, (used all 20 channels and connecting wires) were connected to the connecting end of and the Heyman applicators. Lengths were checked using the ‘Varian 150 CM measurement device’. Auto radiographs were exposed at dwell positions (131.8 for channel 2 and 3, 131.5 cm channels 4 to 20 and 131.8 and 131.3 CM for channel 1 to identify the center of the tip of the Heyman capsule. End to end test was completed by engaging the 20 Channels of the VariSource Machine.

Results: Measuered and commissioned the Heyman packing applicators for clinical use.

Conclusion: The first dwell position for Heyman applicators should be 131.5 cm just as any Tandem or Ovoids. This is to avoid clearance issues of the Heyman applicators as well as possible data input errors when entering different planning lengths for multiple applicators during planning (Heyman applicators will be used with Tandem and Ovoids).


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