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Thunder and Light(ning): Applications and Potential of Radiation Acoustics and Optics

K Parodi1*, S Hickling2*, S Avery3*, L Xiang4*, B Pogue5*, M Oldham6*, T Zhu7*, S Cherry8*, (1) Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munchen, Garching B. Munich, DE, (2) Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, (3) University of Pennsylvania, Sicklerville, NJ, (4) University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, (5) Thayer Engineering, Hanover, NH, (6) Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, (7) University Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, (8) University of California-Davis, Davis, CA


(Sunday, 7/12/2020) 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

Room: Track 3

This session will discuss new emerging therapy and diagnostic technologies that utilizes radiation acoustics and Cerenkov emission which are natural physical phenomena generated during high energy irradiation. The first part of the symposium will focus on radiation-induced acoustics, which is an a new non-invasive imaging technology for x-ray and particle radiotherapy dosimetry and guidance as well as for applications in low dose radiological imaging. The phenomenon is based on the natural generation of acoustics waves via the thermoacoustic effect in objects exposed to a pulsed beam of ionizing radiation. While the thermoacoustic effect was previously known, it hasn’t been until recently that new applications have emerged in therapy and diagnosis due to the increased sophistication of photon and particle radiation delivery systems and advancements in ultrasound transducer technologies. These emerging applications include Linear accelerator photon beam in vivo dosimetry, proton therapy range verification, and low dose imaging. The second part of the symposium, will discuss Cherenkov light role, which is also naturally generated in tissue during mega-voltage treatment beams, and highlight its novel therapeutic and research applications; including novel methods for real-time patient position verification, delivered dose verification, concurrent photo-activation of immunogenic therapeutics, and treatment time diagnostic imaging of superficial tissue characteristics (including tissue oxygenation). Additionally, translational work in resonant energy transfer from Cerenkov to molecular probes allows mapping molecular imaging at high resolution with Cherenkov excitation in vivo. This symposium will provide the technical background driving these technologies and shed sound and light on their emerging applications from leading experts, as well as discuss future prospects for clinical implementation.

Learning Objectives:
1. Overview of radiation acoustics and detection technologies
2. Emerging applications of radiation acoustics in radiotherapy dosimetry and guidance
3. Emerging applications of radiation acoustics in low-dose imaging
4. Review the current state-of-the-art for real-time patient positioning and dose verification
utilizing cherenkov radiation
5. Gain insight into utilization of Cherenkov light from radiation treatment beams to
concomitantly photo-activate agents in tissue, thereby potentially augmenting immune response
6. Review utilization of Cherenkov imaging for nor novel instrumentation and real time
determination of tissue characteristics

Funding Support, Disclosures, and Conflict of Interest: NIH funding



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