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Richard Martin, JD | Alexandria, VA

AAPM Newsletter — Volume 44 No. 4 — July | August 2019

AAPM CRCPD Subcommittee Participates in 51st CRCPD Conference

The Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD) convened its 51st National Conference on Radiation Control in Anchorage at the beginning of May. AAPM members were there in force to engage regulators and other experts on the current issues impacting radiation control as well as to enjoy all things Alaskan. What an amazing experience!

Leading up to the meeting. the AAPM's CRCPD Subcommittee presented the AAPM educational program for state agency staff addressing "Didactics-Checklist Evaluations" and "Medical Physics Practice Guidelines and Their Impact on Regulatory Affairs."

The educational program included field trips to Alaska Radiology Associates and Alaska Cancer Treatment Center, which focused on "Checklists in Action." Special thanks to Ward Hinger, CAO, Alaska Radiology Associates, and Larry Daugherty, M.D., Medical Director and Iditarod Racer, and Austin Hadley, Ph.D., Chief Physicist, Alaska Cancer Treatment Center.

The Honorable Kristine Svinicki, Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), gave the keynote address looking at current regulatory issues and giving recognition to the strong working relationships within the regulatory community. The following day, our own president, Cynthia McCollough, Ph.D., gave the opening presentation of the Healing Arts Session entitled, "When the "way we've always done it" isn't the way we will be doing it." In her well-received presentation, Cynthia talked about many of the concerns we all have within the regulatory community.

This important conference examined many of the current and cutting-edge issues that GRAC is working on. For example, Lisa Dimmick, Medical Team Leader NRC, talked about the NRC's training and experience (T&E) evaluations and the open comment period on T & E evaluations for radio-pharmaceutical administrations.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Richard J. Martin, JD, Government Relations Program Manager.

CRCPD Subcommittee Liaisons and Staff. Left to right: Kyle Jones, Jessica Clements, Melissa Martin, Mary Fox, Kate Hintenlang, Richard Martin, Bette Blankenship

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