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Issam El Naqa | Ann Arbor, MI, Lei Xing | Stanford, CA and Ceferino Obcemea | Bethesda, MD

AAPM Newsletter — Volume 44 No. 4 — July | August 2019

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NCI Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Radiation Oncology: New opportunities for medical physicists.

The tremendous possibilities that artificial intelligence (AI) can bring to medicine have recently attracted much attention both in the popular press and the scientific literature. To explore the emerging opportunities and meet the challenges facing the community of medical physics and radiation oncology, the NCI Workshop on AI in Radiation Oncology was convened on April 4 to 5, 2019 at the NCI Campus in Bethesda, MD. Over 80 attendees from diverse fields, including computer science, biomedical data engineering, medical physics, radiology, and radiation oncology, actively participated in the workshop. The workshop began with comprehensive overviews of AI and some significant issues of AI in medicine, namely causality, interpretability, scalability, and AI infrastructure. Applications of AI in imaging, medical physics and radiation oncology were also highlighted and vigorously debated at the workshop. The multidisciplinary and panoramic view of the workshop provided valuable resource to all attendees and allow them to gain new perspectives and possibly device strategies that may fuel future clinical innovations. The experience and insights of many thought-leaders from various fields of AI and Machine Learning converged in this workshop, which would surely stimulate novel applications to radiation oncology. A more detailed summary of the workshop and selected manuscripts will be published soon in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics.

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