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Angela R. Keyser | Alexandria, VA

AAPM Newsletter — Volume 43 No. 6 — November | December 2018

AAPM events during RSNA 2018

  • REMINDER! AAPM's Headquarters during the RSNA meeting will be located at:
    The Hyatt Regency Chicago located at 151 E. Upper Wacker Drive.
  • AAPM committee meetings and annual reception will be held at the Hyatt. Make plans to join your colleagues on Tuesday, November 27 from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm for the annual AAPM Reception.
  • Make plans to attend the RSNA/AAPM Symposium: State of the Art in CT Imaging on Tuesday, November 27, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm – Room E451B in McCormick Place.
  • Visit AAPM at Booth 1109 in McCormick Place - South Building - Hall A to charge your mobile devices! Pick up information on association programs, the current list of AAPM publications, and complimentary copies of Medical Physics as well as checking out the recent advancements in the AAPM Virtual Library.
  • The most up-to-date schedule for AAPM meetings during the RSNA meeting is available online.

Did you know ...

  • AAPM Journals are now available on your Android device. Download single articles or entire issues for offline reading. Go here to download the app. Choose "I already have access through my society affiliation," then enter your username and password for to log in.
  • If you have fully retired from the field after being a Full or Associate member of AAPM for 10+ total years (the last two consecutive) and are over the age of 55, you are eligible for Emeritus Membership. To request a change to Emeritus, email your request and our HQ team will do the rest!
  • AAPM includes "AAPM Reports Authored" in the AAPM Membership Directory listing of each AAPM Member. Ever want to find an AAPM Report, don't remember all the details, but remember the name of one of the authors? Login and check it out!
  • AAPM provides links to ACR-AAPM Practice Parameters and Technical Standards from AAPM's Publication page
  • A very important service provided by the American Institute of Physics (AIP) is the FYI science policy bulletins with a focus on the physical sciences. The sign-up is free, and it is an easy way to stay on top of what is happening within the administration and Congress. To subscribe, go here
  • There are 44,000+ pictures on AAPM's Flickr site, where you will find pictures grouped by event. AAPM's history has been well documented through the photographic efforts of many members. Take some time to stroll down memory lane!
  • You can get your AAPM Swag through a partnership with Knotty Tie Company. Go online to order customized, handmade ties and scarves that incorporate AAPM's signature logo.

Your Online Member Profile

This is a reminder to keep your AAPM Membership Profile information up to date by going here and making any changes necessary. Please, upload your picture if you have not already done so.

Remember to review the "Conflict of Interest" area of the Member Profile to self-report conflicts per the AAPM Conflict of Interest Policy.

Staff News

Who does what on the AAPM HQ Team? See a list with contact information and brief descriptions of responsibilities online. An Organization Chart is also provided.

AAPM's Headquarters Team

I firmly believe that part of the success of AAPM HQ operations is our ability to attract and retain an excellent team of high performing association management professionals. The years of service documented below is very telling; the AAPM HQ team is very committed to serving the AAPM membership. The following AAPM team members have celebrated an AAPM anniversary in the last half of 2018. I want to publicly thank them and acknowledge their efforts.

Lisa Rose Sullivan 25 years of service Abby Pardes 5 years of service
Michael Woodward 22 years of service Phyllis Doak 3 years of service
Farhana Khan 20 years of service Rohan Tapiyawala 3 years of service
Yan-Hong Xing 12 years of service Nick Wingreen 3 years of service
Tammy Conquest 11 years of service Andrew Gillis 1 year of service
Corbi Foster 11 years of service Janelle Priestly 1 year of service
Jackie Ogburn 11 years of service
Holiday Announcements

The AAPM Headquarters office will be closed Thursday, November 22 – Friday, November 23, Monday, December 24 – Tuesday, December 25 and Monday, December 31 – Tuesday, January 1.
I wish you and your loved ones all the joys of the season and happiness throughout the coming year.

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Dr. McCollough

11-10-2018 14:30 PM

Congratulations also to Angela Keyser on her 25 year anniversary serving the members of the AAPM! Thanks Angela for all you do!


11-12-2018 08:28 AM

Thank you, Cynthia. I sincerely appreciate the trust that the AAPM leadership and membership places in me and the HQ team! It has been an amazing 25 years.