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Student and Trainee Events at the Annual Meeting

Mallory Glenn, BS, Houston, TX | Rebecca Mahon, PhD, Richmond, VA | Samantha Simiele, PhD, Ann Arbor, MI

AAPM Newsletter — Volume 43 No. 4 — July | August 2018
Picture of The Students and Trainees Subcommittee at the 2017 Annual Meeting
Members of the Students and Trainees Subcommittee at the 2017 Annual Meeting

The AAPM 2018 Annual Meeting is nearly upon us! For new and experienced physicists alike, the AAPM Annual Meeting is an incredible opportunity to network, share scientific and clinical knowledge, and showcase cutting-edge technologies and research that support the field of medical physics. For AAPM's most junior members, the Students and Trainees Subcommittee (STSC) strives to provide opportunities for personal and professional development throughout the conference. This year, the STSC, in conjunction with the Working Group on Student and Trainee Research and the Working Group To Promote Non-Clinical Career Paths for Medical Physicists, has organized an extensive list of sessions and activities. All of these events can be found on the 2018 Annual Meeting website and are summarized below. The program consists of some old favorites, like the Residency Fair, Interview Workshop, and Student Night Out, along with some exciting new additions, like the inaugural MedPhys Slam. The majority of the events are scheduled for Sunday, July 29.

The residency fair, supported by SDAMPP, has been a popular event for both programs and students as evidenced by the fair reaching capacity for program enrollment and student registration exceeding 100 participants each year. We expect nothing different this year as more than 50 program spots have already been filled. The fair is open to both imaging and therapy residency programs and all students.

The purpose of the fair is to provide prospective residents an opportunity to meet current residents and program directors and to learn about what each program has to offer. Most programs bring copies of a pamphlet or one-page summary that highlights the attributes of their program. More importantly, the fair provides future applicants and programs an opportunity to make a first impression. Students have reported using their interactions during the residency fair to modify the list of programs they apply to in the MedPhys Match.

The residency fair is intended to provide a relaxed environment for students and programs to meet. We recommend a dress code of business casual to match the recommendations of the Annual Meeting organizers. Students often ask if they should provide programs with copies of business cards, CVs, or resumes. Although it doesn't hurt to have copies of these available, we do not recommend handing them out during the fair. The event is not meant to be a job interview and occurs months prior to the application deadlines for the next round of the MedPhys Match. Programs will receive and review this information during the application process. We recommend students take notes after meeting with each program to help retain important information. The fair is a great time to learn what different programs are looking for in a resident, whether it's prior clinical experience, a plethora of publications, or the right personality.

The fair occurs during a two-hour window just prior to the poster session on Sunday afternoon. The STSC budgets for the residency fair and is able to organize the fair at no cost to programs or students. Prior to the fair, each program is assigned a “cocktail” style table with programs grouped based on their geographical location. Students are provided with a map of the event layout and can navigate the fair at their own pace, visiting as many or as few residency program tables as they wish. Students are also provided with a summary of each program in attendance that includes information such as the length of the program, the number of positions available in the upcoming match, preference for MS or PhD candidates, and whether research is required. This information is collected from programs during registration and serves to help students focus their energy on visiting programs that are a good fit for their background and career goals.

We still have space for a few more programs at this year's fair. Program directors or representatives may reserve a table here and students may register here.

We take this opportunity to thank RTI Electronics, Inc. and ScandiDos, Inc. for sponsoring the Student Night Out, as well as the members of AAPM that contribute their time and energy to make these events possible. A list of all events geared toward students and trainees during the annual meeting as follows:

Student and Trainees Subcommittee Meeting

When: Saturday, July 28 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Where: Cumberland 6, Third Floor, Convention Center

The STSC meeting (as well as most association meetings) is open to all AAPM members (per AAPM Rule 3.3.2). If you are interested in getting involved with the STSC or want to learn more about the events and outreach we provide, feel free to join us at our meeting Saturday afternoon. We would love to meet you and hear your input! As a courtesy, please contact the committee chair prior to the meeting.

Annual Student Meeting: The Role of Automation in Clinics of the Future

When: Sunday, July 29 from 8:30 am to 10:00 am
Where: Davidson Ballroom B, Convention Center

Each year, the Annual Student Meeting provides opportunities for student networking and discussion on important medical physics issues, such as education and career development. This year's meeting explores the role of automation in radiation oncology clinics. Automation is heavily relied on in other industries, and is becoming an increasingly important topic for our field as we evolve to maximizing efficiency while maintaining a high standard of quality. Drs. Steve Jiang and Kevin Moore are leaders in this field, and will each give a 20-minute presentation on automation strategies used at their respective institutions. This will be followed by a 50-minute discussion period facilitated by student moderators and the audience.

Undergraduate Networking Session

When: Sunday, July 29 from 10:00 am to 10:30 am
Where: Davidson Ballroom B, Convention Center

Following the Annual Student Meeting, the Society of Physics Students (SPS) invites undergraduates attending the Annual Meeting to meet others in the field. A short talk on medical physics as a personal endeavor will be given, providing a unique perspective on the field.

WGSTR Student and Trainee Lunch

When: Sunday, July 29 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm
Where: Davidson Ballroom C, Convention Center

Student and faculty members representing various committees, councils, and task groups within AAPM will be on-hand to facilitate discussion on the many ways to get involved. Lunch tickets are available when you register for the meeting, or you may join the event at no cost (no lunch). Deadline for registration is July 3rd.

4th Annual Residency Fair

When: Sunday, July 29 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Where: Davidson Ballroom Foyer, Convention Center

Finding the perfect residency can be difficult. Thanks to collaboration between STSC and SDAMPP, the Annual Residency Fair at AAPM provides students the opportunity to learn more about individual CAMPEP residency programs across the country. Come meet and interact with program directors and current residents to learn more about your potential fit. This year there will be more than 50 imaging and therapy programs participating in the Residency Fair!

Still not sure where to begin? Check out our Reddit AMA from last year with several medical physics residency program directors to get some inspiration for potential questions you could ask.

Student Night Out at AMCE Feed & Seed

When: Sunday, July 29 from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Where: AMCE Feed & Seed, 101 Broadway, Nashville

Join us for the Annual Students and Trainees Night Out (SNO), sponsored by STSC! This event, crafted specifically for students, trainees, and post-docs, provides attendees with the chance to network with fellow future physicists and enjoy an evening of fun and camaraderie. This year's SNO will occur at the AMCE Feed & Seed, where you can enjoy beer and wine, a dinner buffet, ping pong, giant jenga, and cornhole. If you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the Student Day events, this is the place to be!

Partners for the Future

When: Sunday, July 29 through Wednesday, August 1
Where: Exhibit Hall

There's never a better time than now to start thinking about the future Partners for the Future strives to create lasting connections between corporate affiliates and students at the AAPM Annual Meeting. This event is especially beneficial to students by introducing them to commercial products and potential opportunities for collaboration with various companies. This year we're adding even more excitement with a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card! You can learn more about how to participate in Partners for the Future here under the Student and Trainees Events tab.

MedPhys Slam

When: Monday, July 30 from 1:45pm to 3:45pm
Where: Karl Dean Ballroom C, Convention Center

New this year is the MedPhys Slam, a research communication competition in which participants prepare a three-minute presentation aimed at sharing the significance of their science in a compelling yet understandable manner. Participants will be judged by a non-physicist panel on three equally weighted categories: comprehension/content, communication, and engagement. Come cheer on the finalists from the AAPM chapters, the Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists (COMP), and international preliminary competitions.

Interview Workshop

When: Monday, July 30 from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Where: Partners in Solutions Room, Exhibit Hall

The STSC invites students, trainees, and young professionals to attend an interview workshop to practice interviewing skills and receive feedback from real interviewers. This workshop will consist of two parts: first, guidance and examples of how to respond in an interview setting, and second, group interview sessions that will allow students the opportunity to gain experience both listening to responses and receiving feedback for their own answers. For anyone looking to interview in the near future or simply sharpen your communication skills, this is an event you do not want to miss. You can RSVP to the Interview Workshop here: RSVP now

Breaking Out of the Clinic: Non-traditional Medical Physics Careers

When: Wednesday, August 1 from 11:15 am to 12:15 pm
Where: Room 209, Convention Center

This symposium organized by the Working Group to Promote Non-Clinical Career Paths for Medical Physicists will discuss non-clinical career options and how to prepare for them. Three physicists working outside of the clinic will talk briefly on their experience. Don't worry if they didn't answer your question; there will be an open panel at the end of the session. Come learn about opportunities beyond the clinic.

And as always, be sure to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on relevant events and opportunities for medical physics students and trainees. We hope to see you in Nashville!

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