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Andrew Godley, PhD | Cleveland, OH

AAPM Newsletter — Volume 43 No.1 — January | February 2018

The Penn-Ohio chapter held its annual Fall Meeting in Mayfield Village OH October 13-14, 2017. The theme of the meeting was "Online Imaging for Radiotherapy." Research presentations from six trainees (masters students and residents) opened the proceedings. In keeping with the theme, Anthony Magnelli (CCF) then spoke on using kV imaging throughout treatment to track fiducial markers and Rick Jesseph (UH) introduced us to the imaging and motion management techniques used in proton therapy.

A poster and social session began after the talks, with a chance to reacquaint ourselves with colleagues from our chapter. For our Night In, there was a pertinent talk over dinner by Ehsan Samei (Duke) on MedPhys3.0. This is a vital subject for all medical physicists, and as would be expected, the talk generated over an hour of lively discussion. Many ideas were formulated on how we could demonstrate and increase our value in our profession and to physicians and administrators.

Dr. Gregory Warrell receiving his award for best trainee talk from Chapter President Mr. Kurt Blodgett (left), and meeting with vendors (right).

After Saturday's breakfast, Dr. Samei returned to supply an example of how physics is improving diagnostic imaging, detailing his research of tangible tools for dose and image quality monitoring. Our keynote speaker was Allen Li from the Medical College of Wisconsin, outlining their newly installed MR-linac. These machines will become the standard for online imaging for radiotherapy, and it was exciting to see the promise they hold. Concluding the online imaging theme, Tarun Podder (UH) presented specifics of motion management for SBRT, and Ping Xia (CCF) detailed the use of real-time ultrasound to monitor intra-fraction motion of prostate and liver tumors.

Dr. Eshan Samei from Duke giving our Night-In talk on Med Phys 3.0

During the Business Lunch, four vendors presented their latest updates. There were five more trainee talks around the lunch. The final speaker of the meeting was Frank Dong (CCF), giving an educational SAM session on iterative reconstruction in CT. Before the meeting concluded, we voted for the best trainee talk. Gregory Warrell (UH resident) was selected for his talk "Direct Dose Comparison of Linac-Based Total Body and Total Marrow Irradiation Treatment Plans."

I would like to thank everyone who attended (29 exhibitors, nine speakers and 10 trainees among 88 chapter members) for their participation and support. See you all at our spring meeting in April 2018.

Keynote speaker Dr. Allen Li from the Medical College of Wisconsin presenting their MRI-Linac
Friday evening poster session.

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