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AAPM Newsletter — Volume 42 No.6 — November|December 2017


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NRC Staff Make Recommendations on Category 3 Source Security and Accountability

In a recent policy paper, the NRC staff re-evaluated Category 3 source security and accountability, making recommendations to the Commission informed by analysis of relevant data, stakeholder feedback, as well as costs/benefits of potential changes.

Concerns Addressed

The NRC staff's re-evaluation addressed concerns about a potential malefactor obtaining a valid license using a fictitious company or by providing false information, altering a valid license to obtain more or different radioactive material than authorized or to counterfeit a license to obtain radioactive materials illicitly, or aggregating Category 3 sources to a Category 2 quantity of radioactive material.

Recommendations to Commission

The NRC staff recommended rulemaking to amend 10 CFR Parts 30, 40, and 70 to require safety and security equipment to be in place before granting a license for an unknown entity and to clarify license verification methods for transfers involving quantities of radioactive material that are below Category 2 thresholds.

Significantly, the NRC Staff did not recommend license verification through the License Verification System (LVS) or regulatory authority for transfers of Category 3 quantities of radioactive material, inclusion of Category 3 sources in the National Source Tracking System (NSTS), additional security requirements to prevent aggregation of Category 3 sources to a Category 2 quantity of radioactive material, or limiting the quantity of byproduct material in a generally licensed device.


We continue to follow this issue and will update you when the Commission decides what path it will follow. Please contact Richard Martin, AAPM's Government Relations Specialist, if you have any questions or require additional information.

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