Improving Health Through Medical Physics

AAPM Newsletter — Volume 42 No.6 — November|December 2017

NEWSLETTER EDITOR'S REPORTJessica Clements, MS, Los Angeles, CA

Picture of Jessica Clements

Earlier this year, we released an interactive version of the newsletter in conjunction with the PDF format used over the past few years. Due to the popularity of the interactive format, we discontinued the PDF version. The newsletter editorial board has also discussed a strategy for highlighting special interest groups (SIGs) in the newsletter. In 2018, we will highlight SIGs across 6-8 pages in the newsletters. We believe this approach will be more impactful than segmenting the materials into separate newsletters. If you're part of a special interest group within AAPM and are interested in a feature, please notify me or comment below so we can schedule an issue for your group!

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07-02-2021 16:24 PM

Is it possible to publish the newsletter in ADOBE SPARK. in my opinion the new interactive format is very inconvenient and gimmicky. Thank you.