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AAPM Newsletter — Volume 42 No.6 — November|December 2017

IROC REPORTJessica Lowenstein, Houston, TX

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What is the IROC Roster?

The NCI's Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP) has made the decision to track all radiation (RT) and imaging (DI) treatment institutions which participate in the National Clinical Trial Network (NCTN) trials. These institutions include both treatment and patient enrolling sites. The roster of institutions is being pulled from the IROC Houston QA Center database, IROC Philadelphia (DI) database, and from questionnaires at the time of RT and/or DI credentialing. Each institution is assigned a unique identifier called the Research Treating Facility (RTF) number and a treatment status of either RT only, DI only or RT/DI by IROC Houston.

The roster information is being populated into NCI and CTSU's databases. Web services have or are being developed that automate the exchange of institution information between IROC Houston, IROC PHL DI and NCI/CTSU as shown in Figure1. RT and DI credentialing information will also be exchanged between the two IROC centers and the NCI's Regulatory Support System (RSS) by early 2018.

Institution information is gathered using an RT or DI facility questionnaires sent to institutions participating in NCTN trials. If your site does not have an RTF# and your site participates or plans to participate on NCTN trials the following must be completed:

  • For Radiation Facilities only: Complete the New Participant Demographics Form found on the IROC Houston website.
  • For Imaging Facilities only: Complete the IROC Site Survey found on the QUIC website

Being on the IROC roster will enable enrolling institutions to determine which institutions are credentialed for a trial so they know where they can send a patient to be treated. The intent is to be able to push credentialing data directly to RSS instead of sites having to upload their approvals through the CTSU portal. For those institutions who provide Imaging/RT for several enrolling sites being on the IROC roster will make it possible for the institution to upload the data for a specific patient case to RAVE or TRIAD for each patient, but it will allow them to see patient's treated at their site even if enrolled at a different site.

The intent of the IROC Roster is to track treating facilities on NCTN trials as well as streamline the process of uploading data for each patient treated at an institution but enrolled at a different institution.

Figure 1. Data flow diagram for the IROC Roster
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