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AAPM Newsletter — Volume 42 No.2 — March | April 2017

WEBSITE EDITOR'S REPORT George C. Kagadis, PhD, Rion, Greece

Picture of George Kagadis

You must have all already come across our new home page. This is a generous revamping of our society's website over the last few years. Everything has changed regarding the look, feel, and the structure the information is based on. We have put effort into making the webpage cleaner and more easily accessible to our membership. To this direction, our IS personnel are working to streamline information as they work to convert to the new look and feel. The transition to the new website isn't over yet, and it will be an ongoing process. You will continue to experience improvements as time goes by. Should you have any comments, suggestions, and/or additions please send them to our webmistress Ms. Farhana Khan for consideration. I would like to thank Farhana Khan, Rohan Tapiyawala, Abby Pardes, and Michael Woodward for their diligent work all these years in the Information Services Department, and for preparing a state of the art website which I am very proud of.

We are all getting prepared for the AAPM Annual Meeting, which this year is going to take place in Denver, CO(July 30 – August 3). The 59th AAPM Annual Meeting & Exhibition website is now up and ready to receive your submissions.

The AAPM Virtual Library now has 1,539 videos available (as of February 28, 2017) to our membership. All of the educational material dating back to 2001 is concurrently available in AAPM's Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Vimeo. As already explained in the past, when somebody tries to access a video he/she is first connected to Vimeo and if, due to their institution's policy, they cannot access Vimeo, he/she then has the ability to view it on our AWS. We are proud to say that all of the traffic is maintained through our website.

I am pleased to report that as of February 28, 2017 we have 41,901 images posted to AAPM's Flickr, 5,555 likes on Facebook, 9,905 members on LinkedIn, and 5,637 followers on Twitter. Our website is mainly visited by people in the USA (69.52% of the sessions), Canada (4.10% of the sessions), and Japan (2.14% of the sessions). The majority of our site visits are through Windows (68.64%), and MacOS (14.04%). With regard to our friends accessing our website through their mobile the main operating system is iOS (10.73%), Android (4.96%), and Windows (0.13%).

I hope you find the AAPM website useful, visit it often, and send me your feedback.

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