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Keywords: Statistical Analysis
BReP-SNAP-M-7A Depthwise Separable Convolution Neural Network for Survival Prediction of Head & Neck Cancer
R Li1*, A Das2, N Bice1, P Rad2, A Roy2, N Kirby1, N Papanikolaou1, (1) University of Texas HSC SA, San Antonio, Texas, (2) The University of Texas at San Antonio
BReP-SNAP-M-58Development and Implementation of a Knowledge Base for Automated Segment Review
E Pryser*, M Schmidt, F Reynoso, W Smith, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO
BReP-SNAP-M-103MR Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy Improves Target Coverage and OAR Sparing: Dosimetric Analysis of 1185 Adaptive Fractions and 4 Years Experience
D Yang*, H Kim, O Green, B Cai, L Henke, J Cammin, B Gu, H Li, H Gach, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO
BReP-SNAP-M-147Update On DVH Analytics: An Open-Source DICOM-RT Database Application
D Cutright1*, M Gopalakrishnan2, A Roy3, (1) University of Chicago Medicine, Chicago, IL, (2) Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL, (3) The University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX
BReP-SNAP-T-79Impact of Patient-Specific Factors On Implant Uncertainty in Permanent Breast Seed Implant Brachytherapy
C Zhang1,2*, M Hilts1,2, D Batchelar1,2, J Andrews2, C Hvingelby2, E Watt3, J Crook1, (1) BC Cancer - Kelowna, Kelowna, BC, CA, (2) The University Of British Columbia Okanagan, Kelowna, BC, CA, (3) Okolo Health, Calgary, AB, CA
PO-GeP-M-490Y-Microspheres Radioembolization for Selective Internal Radiation Therapy in NGHA, Saudi Arabia , Statistics and Dosimetry
N SENHOU*, S Alshehri, National Guard Health Affairs, Riyadh, 01SA,
PO-GeP-M-150Development and Validation of a Web-Crawler-Based Medical Records Information Aggregation Tool
H Liu*, Y Huang, Y Pu, H Wu, Y Zhang#, Key Laboratory of Carcinogenesis and Translational Research (Ministry of Education/Beijing), Peking University Cancer Hospital & Institute, Beijing, BeijingCN,#corresponding author: Yibao Zhang; email:
PO-GeP-M-180Effect of Using Harmonized Radiomic Features On Predicting Volume of Radiographic Changes Following Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy in Lung
R N Mahon1*, M Ghita1, G D Hugo2, N Kalman3, N Mukhopadhyay1, E Weiss1, (1) Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, (2) Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, (3) Miami Cancer Institute, Miami, FL.
PO-GeP-M-197Evaluation of a Novel Automated Treatment Planning Tool for Cervical Cancer in IMRT
J Guo*, J Zhou, L Chen, J Ni, Y Xu, G Gan, W Gon, C Ma, Y Li, W Zhan, X Xu, S Qin, The first affiliated hospital of Soochow University, Suzhou, JiangsuCN,
PO-GeP-M-215Evaluation of the Stability of Radiomics Features Using 4D-CT and Across Radiomics Platforms for Lung and Liver Tumors
X Wang1*, C Ma1, H Wang2, Y Zhang1, N Yue1, K Nie1, (1) Rutgers-Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Brunswick, NJ, (2) Shanghai Chest Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China
PO-GeP-P-94The Effect of Different Aperture Shape Controller Modes in Eclipse Photon Optimizer for Lung SBRT Planning
J Fang1*, Z Zhang2, D Zhu1, K Yu3, (1) Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital, Murfreesboro, TN, (2) University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL, (3) John Patrick University Of Health & Applied Sciences, South Bend, IN
PO-GeP-T-10A Comparison of Prediction Models in Autocorrelated Processes for Quality Assurance
j Lah1*, G Kim2, D Shin3, (1) Myongji Hospital, Hanyang University College of Medicine, Goyang-si, KR, (2) University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA,(3) National Cancer Center, Goyang-si, KR
PO-GeP-T-274Determination of Machine-Specific Tolerances Based On Long-Term Monthly QA Dosimetry Results in Proton Therapy
S Rana1*, H Grewal1, M Chacko1, C Eckert1, M Storey1, J Chang1, A Rosenfeld2, (1) The Oklahoma Proton Center, Oklahoma City, OK, (2) University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia
PO-GeP-T-479How Much CTV Coverage Is Lost When the PTV Margin Is Zero?
J Chang1*, (1) Northwell Health and Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell, Lake Success, NY
PO-GeP-T-652Predicting Linac Failure Risks From Machine Performance Check Application Using An Integration of Statistical Process Control and Machine Learning
T Fuangrod1*, W Puyati2, A Khawne2, M Barnes3, P Greer3, (1) Faculty of Medicine and Public Health, HRH Princess Chulabhorn College of Medical Science, Chulabhron Royal Academy, Bangkok,TH (2) Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkuts Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok, TH (3) Department of Radiation Oncology, Calvary Mater Hospital Newcastle, Newcastle, NSW, AUS
PO-GeP-T-736Standardization of CSI Treatment Planning and Its Evaluation Using a DVH Registry
E Sepulveda, MSc*, H Patrick, MSc, J Kildea, PhD, McGill University, Montreal, QCCA,
SU-E-TRACK 3-4Multi-Institutional Data Mining of IMRT QA Results and Control Charts Per TG-218 Using the Open-Source Software IQDM
J George1*, S Kucuker Dogan2, M Chamberland3, D Cutright1, (1) University of Chicago Medicine, Chicago, IL, (2) Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL, (3) The University of Vermont Medical Center, Burlington, VT