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Keywords: Scatter
PO-GeP-I-78Determination of Backscatter Factors in Diagnostic Kilovoltage X-Ray Beams
R Tanabe1*, F Araki2, T Ohno3, (1) ,Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, JP, (2) Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, JP, (3) Kumamoto University, Kumamota, JP
PO-GeP-I-151Modification of the Vendor Computed Tomography Stray Radiation Data Using Pediatric Patient Parameters for Shielding Design
Weiyuan Wang*, Victor Garcia, University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, Oklahoma City, OK
PO-GeP-I-153Monte Carlo Simulation-Based Feasibility Study of Novel Digital Mammograpy System to Reduce Scattered Radiation
Y Yoon1*, J Morishita1, J Kim2, K Kim2, (1) Department of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, JP, (2) School of Health and Environmental Science, Korea University, Seoul, KR
PO-GeP-I-169Positron Emission Tomography Scatter Image Reconstruction with CNN Machine Learning
G Fontaine*, S Pistorius, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB
PO-GeP-M-293Mean Energy, Dose, and Sources of Out-Of-Field Radiation in Flattening-Filter and Flattening-Filter-Free 6 MV Beams, Measured with TL Dosimeters
VM Lopez-Guadalupe1, A Rodriguez-Laguna2, MA Poitevin-Chacon2, E Lopez-Pineda1, ME Brandan1*, (1) Instituto De Fisica, UNAM, Mexico City, MX (2) Unidad de Radioterapia, Hospital Medica Sur, Mexico City, MX
PO-GeP-M-298Monte Carlo Simulation Framework for Scatter Correction of KV and MV CBCT Images of the Varian TrueBeam STx Linac
B Zapien Campos*, Instituto de Fisica,UNAM,Mexico City,MX A Martinez Davalos*, Instituto de Fisica,UNAM,Mexico City,MX H Alva Sanchez*, Instituto de Fisica,UNAM,Mexico City,MX M Rodriguez Villafuerte*, Instituto de Fisica,UNAM,Mexico City,MX
PO-GeP-T-536Investigation of Dose Perturbations Around Brachytherapy Seeds in High-Energy Photon Beams
S Ogawa1*, K Yasui2, Y Saito3, K Ouchi1, J Nagata1, N Hayashi2, (1) Graduate school of Health Sciences, Fujita Health University, Toyoake, Aichi, JP, (2) School of Medical Sciences, Fujita Health University,Toyoake, Aichi,JP, (3) Division Of Radiology, Fujita Health University Hospital,Toyoake, Aichi,JP,
PO-GeP-T-560Lens Dose to Standing Patients Treated With Electrons to the Hand
J Van Schelt*, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL
PO-GeP-T-738Step-Size Dependence of Monte Carlo Simulations for Cherenkov Emission (CE)-Based Dosimetry Calculations
Y Zlateva1*, B Muir2, I El Naqa3, J Seuntjens4, (1) Duke University, Durham, NC, (2) National Research Council, Ottawa, ON, (3) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, (4) McGill University, Montreal, QC
SU-F-TRACK 3-1Development of Tri-Hybrid Method to Estimate Patient Scattered Fluence Into the EPID
K Guo1,2*, B McCurdy1,2, (1) University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, CA, (2) CancerCare Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, CA
TH-D-TRACK 1-5Characterization and Optimization of a Scatter Imaging Camera
K Jones1*, J Chu1, J Strologas2, A Templeton1, D Bernard1, J Turian1, (1) Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL, (2) University of Ioannina, Ioannina, GR
TH-D-TRACK 1-7Benchtop Coherent X-Ray Scatter Projection Imaging: From Synchrotrons to X-Ray Tubes
C Dydula*, P C Johns, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, CA