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Keywords: Prostate Therapy
BReP-SNAP-M-29Branch-UNet for Intraprostatic Lesion Segmentation in Multi-Parametric MRI Images for Boosting Radiotherapy of Prostate Cancer
Y Chen*, L Xing, H Bagshaw, M Buyyounouski, B Han, Stanford Univ School of Medicine, Stanford, CA
BReP-SNAP-M-65Evaluation of a Localized Correlation Based Predictive Metric as a Decision Making Tool in Online Image Guidance and Offline Adaptive Prostate Radiotherapy
A Gopal*, B Zhang, G Lasio, S Lee, B Yi, Univ. of Maryland School Of Medicine, Baltimore, MD
BReP-SNAP-M-78Gold Fiducial Marker Visualization with Multifrequency Reconstruction for Frequency-Modulated BSSFP
Q Peng1*, L Goddard2, C Wu3, S Hsu2, Wolfgang Tome2, (1) Radiology, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY, (2) Radiation Oncology, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY, (3) Philips Healthcare, Andover, MA
BReP-SNAP-T-61Evaluation of Electromagnetic Catheter Tracking in HDR Prostate Brachytherapy for Different Imaging and Treatment Environments
C P Joshi1,2*, C Pinter3, A Lasso3, E Lugez3, T Vaughan3, C Shenfield1,2, G Fichtinger3, (1) Cancer Center of Southeastern Ontario, Kingston Health Sciences Centre, Kingston, ON, Canada, (2) Departments of Oncology and Physics, Queens University, Kingston, ON, Canada (3) School of Computing, Queens University, Kingston, ON, Canada
PO-GeP-M-12A Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Neural Network for Beam Orientation Selection Problem in the Treatment Planning of the IMRT Prostate Cancer
A Sadeghnejad Barkousaraie, G Bohara, S Jiang, D Nguyen, D Nguyen*, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX
PO-GeP-M-23A Multi-Observer Study Investigating the Effectiveness of Prostatic MpMRI to Dose Escalate Corresponding Histologic Lesions Using High Dose Rate Brachytherapy
C. Smith1*, D. Hoover1,2, K. Surry1,2, D. D'Souza3, D. W. Cool1,3, Z. Kassam1,3, M. Bastian-Jordan4, J. A. Gomez1, M. Moussa1, J. L. Chin3, S. Pautler3, G. S. Bauman1,2,3, A. Ward1,3, (1) University of Western Ontario, London, ON, CA, (2) London Regional Cancer Program, London, ON, CA,(3) London Health Sciences Centre,(4) University Of Queensland, Queensland, Australia
PO-GeP-M-71Assessment of Intrafraction Motion Based On Intraprostatic Fiducials During VMAT Delivery
R Tolakanahalli1*, S D Davis1, (1) Miami Cancer Institute, Miami, FL
PO-GeP-M-79Automatic Prostate Bed Target Segmentation On Daily Cone-Beam CT Image Using a Multi-Path 3D Dense-UNet
J Fu1*, S Yoon1, A Kishan1, K Singhrao1, Z Wang1, J Lewis2, D Ruan1, (1) Department Of Radiation Oncology, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, (2) Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Beverly Hills, CA.
PO-GeP-M-81Automatic Segmentation of the Prostate On CT Images Using a Bi-Directional Convolutional LSTM U-Net with Novel Loss Function
X Li1*, H Bagher-Ebadian2, C Li1, E Mohamed2, F Siddiqui2, B Movsas2, D Zhu1, I Chetty2, (1) Wayne State University (2) Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI
PO-GeP-M-99Clinical Evaluation of Deep Learning and Atlas Based Auto-Contouring of Bladder and Rectum for Prostate Radiotherapy
J Zabel1,2, J Conway2,3, A Gladwish2,3, J Skliarenko2,3, G Didiodato1,2, L Goorts-matthews2, A Michalak2, S Reistetter2, J King2, K Malkoske2, K Nakonechny2, M Tran2, N McVicar2*, (1) McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada, (2) Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Program, Barrie, ON, Canada, (3) Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada
PO-GeP-M-133Deep Learning Applied to Ultrasound Catheter Localization for HDR Prostate Brachytherapy: Evaluation of An Initial Model
D Liu1,2*, S Tupor3, N Leong1,2, E Sadikov1,2, A Amjad1,2, S Zilles3, (1) Saskatchewan Cancer Agency - Allan Blair Cancer Centre, Regina, SK, CA (2) University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, CA (3) University Of Regina, Regina, SK, CA
PO-GeP-M-161Does Daily MRI-Guided Online Re-Planning in Prostate SBRT Improve Dosimetry Compared to Isocenter Shift Adaptation?
M Ruschin1,2*, B Keller1,2, J Detsky2,3, A Loblaw2,3, J Stewart1, M Campbell2, A Kim1,2, K Wong2, M Davidson1,2, M Wronski1,2, D Vesprini2,3, C Mccann1,2, (1) Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre, Department of Medical Physics, Toronto, ON, CA, (2) University of Toronto, Department of Radiation Oncology, Toronto, ON, CA, (3) Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre, Department of Radiation Oncology, Toronto, ON, CA
PO-GeP-M-172Dosimetric Effects of a Novel Concept of Adaptive Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer Patients
M Splinter1*, T Bostel2, P Haering1, C Lang1, N Nicolay3, (1) DKFZ, Heidelberg, DE, (2) Universitaetsmedizin Mainz, Mainz, DE, (5) Uniklinik Freiburg, Freiburg, DE
PO-GeP-M-210Evaluation of T2-Weighted MRI Pulse Sequences for Visualization and Sparing of Urethra with MR-Guided Radiation Therapy (MRgRT) On-Board MRI
J Pham*, R Savjani, Y Gao, M Cao, P Hu, D Low, M Steinberg, A Kishan, Y Yang, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
PO-GeP-M-355Race-Telltales From Blinded Notes? Clinical Evidence Or Implicit Bias
H Zhou1, D Ruan12*, (1) Dept. of Bioengineering, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, (2) Dept. of Radiation Oncology, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
PO-GeP-M-415Using Radiomics to Study Statin Use and Omega-3 Use in Prostate Cancer Patients
D Zheng1*, Y Shi2, E Wahle1, L Krajewski1, X Liang3, Q Du2, C Zhang2, S Zhou1, M Baine1, (1) University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE, (2)University of Nebraska Lincoln, Lincoln, NE,(3)University of Florida, Jacksonville, FL
PO-GeP-M-434What Is the Dosimetric Benefit of Weekly and Daily Adaptive Replanning for Prostate Cancer Patients?
M Splinter1*, T Bostel2, P haering1, C Lang1, N Nicolay3, (1) DKFZ, Heidelberg, DE, (2) Universitaetsmedizin Mainz, Mainz, DE, (3) Uniklinik Freiburg, Freiburg, DE
PO-GeP-T-11A Comparison of Two Immobilization Systems for Prostate Radiotherapy
F Mostafaei*, S Dougherty, R Hamilton, University of Arizona, Department of Radiation Oncology, Tucson, AZ
PO-GeP-T-95An Efficient Optimization Method for Prostate LDR Planning by Including Prior Knowledge
G Szalkowski1*, R Chen2, T Royce1, A Wang1, J Lian1, (1) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, (2) University Of Kansas
PO-GeP-T-160Brachytherapy LDR Prostate Plans Robustness Test Based On Random Sampling
M Rodriguez1*, (1) British Columbia Cancer Agency, Victoria, BC, CA
PO-GeP-T-317Dosimetric Advantages of Partial Prostate SBRT Compared to Whole-Gland SBRT
C Langmack1*, B Traughber1,2, M Kharouta1,2, R Ellis1,3, E Fredman1,2, L Ponsky1,2, M Machtay1,2, T Baig1, K Xu1, T Podder1,2, (1) University Hospitals, Cleveland, OH, (2) Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, (3) Penn State Cancer Institute, Hershey, PA,
PO-GeP-T-350Dosimetric Robustness Analysis of Iodinated Rectal SpaceOARVue Hydrogel Using RayStations Dose Deformation Toolbox
D McClatchy*, K Remillard, A Saraf, J Efstathiou, J Pursley, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
PO-GeP-T-494Impact of SpaceOAR On Prostate Cancer Patients Treated with Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
r zheng*, R Chan, Northwell Health, Flushing, NY
PO-GeP-T-581MKM Versus Phenomenological Models for the Calculation of Proton RBE in Prostate Radiotherapy
A Bertolet*, A Carabe, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
PO-GeP-T-698Real-Time MOSkin In-Vivo Rectal Dosimetry for TRUS Based HDR Prostate Brachytherapy
J Poder1,2*, A Howie1, R Brown1, J Bucci1, A Rosenfeld2, K Enari1, K Schreiber1, M Carrara3, D Malouf1, D Cutajar2, (1) St George Cancer Care Centre, Kogarah, NSW, AUS (2) University of Wollongong, Wollongong, NSW ,AU, (3) Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Milano, IT
PO-GeP-T-716Sensitivity of Detecting MLC Positioning Errors for SBRT Treatment at Halcyon Linac
J Allen*, W Luo, D Pokhrel, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
PO-GeP-T-787The Research of Automatic Treatment Planning by DVH Prediction Based On Classifying the OARs Overlap
X Pan1,2*, D Wang1,3,4, J Jia1,3,4, L Hu1, FDS Team (1) Institute Of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, Chinese Academy Of Sciences, CN (2) University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei Anhui, CN, (3) Anhui Engineering Technology Research Center of Accurate Radiotherapy, Hefei Anhui, CN (4) CAS SuperAccuracy Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing, Jiangsu, CN
PO-GeP-T-812Treatment Verification in Prostate Brachytherapy Patients Using Electromagnetic Tracking Integrated in An HDR/BT Afterloader
I Kolkman-Deurloo*, L Heerden Van, R Paassen Van, J Schiphof-godart, M Christianen, J Mens, M Franckena, M Maenhout, R Rijnsdorp, L Luthart, M Hoogeman, Erasmus MC - Cancer Institute, Rotterdam, NL
PO-GeP-T-831Using Machine Learning Techniques to Determine Dose Thresholds Predictive of Grade >= 2 Acute Rectal Toxicity in Prostate Cancer Patients Treated with Radiation Therapy
J Li1, S Vora2, S Schild2, W Wong2, M Fatyga2,W Liu2, J Hu1*, (1) Arizona State University, (2) Mayo Clinic Arizona
SU-C-TRACK 5-0Advances in Permanent Seed/Source Implantation (PSI) Brachytherapy
F Mourtada1*, M Rivard2*, T Podder3*, (1) Christiana Care Hospital, Newark, DE, (2) Rhode Island Hospital / Brown University, Providence, RI, (3) University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, Cleveland, OH
SU-CD-TRACK 2-6Deep-Learning Assisted Automatic Segmentation of Interstitial Needles in 3D Ultrasound Based High Dose-Rate Brachytherapy of Prostate Cancer
B Han1*, F Wang2, L Xing1, H Bagshaw1, M Buyyounouski1, (1) Stanford Univ School of Medicine, Stanford, CA, (2) Tsinghua University, Beijing,China
TH-AB-TRACK 4-6Computer Generated PSMA-PET Segmentations for Lesion-Directed Prostatic High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy Dose Escalation Validated with Digital Histology
R Alfano1,3*, C Smith1,3, D Hoover1,2,3, K Surry1,2,3, D D'Souza2,3, J Thiessen1,3, I Rachinsky1,3, W Pavlosky1,3, J Butler3, M Moussa1, J.A. Gomez1, M Gaed1, S Pautler1,3, J Chin1,3, G Bauman1,2,3, A Ward1,2,3, (1) University of Western Ontario, London, ON, CA, (2) London Regional Cancer Program, London, ON, CA, (3) London Health Sciences Centre, London, ON, CA
TH-D-TRACK 6-4Successful Conformal Avoidance for Extremely Hypo-Fractionated Prostate Radiotherapy
J Stroom*, C Greco, O Pares, N Pimentel, V Louro, S Vieira, J Kociolek, Z Fuks, Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisbon,PT
TU-C-TRACK 3-6Survival of Low-Risk and Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer Patients Treated with IMRT Or Brachytherapy
T Podder1,2*, A Dey3, S Datta3, T Biswas1,2, (1) University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, Cleveland, OH, (2) Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, (3) University of Akron, Akron, OH
TU-EF-TRACK 3-13Reinforcement Learning for Fast and Intelligent Radiation Therapy Optimization
W Hrinivich*, J Lee, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
WE-F-TRACK 2-5Patient Dose Accuracy Improvements for Patients Treated in the TROG 15.01 Stereotactic Prostate Ablative Radiotherapy with Kilovoltage Intrafraction Monitoring (SPARK) Trial
EA Hewson1*, DT Nguyen1,2, R O'Brien1, P Poulsen3, J Booth4,5, P Greer6, T Eade4, A Kneebone4, G Hruby4, T Moodie7, A Hayden7, S Turner7, N Hardcastle8, S Siva8, K Tai8, M Sidhom9, S Arumugam9, J Martin6, P Keall1, (1) ACRF Image X Institute, University of Sydney Medical School, NSW, AU, (2) School of Biomedical Engineering, University of Technology Sydney, Ultimo, NSW, AU, (3) Department of Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus, DK, (4) Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW, AU, (5) School of Physics, University of Sydney, NSW, AU, (6) Calvary Mater Newcastle, Waratah, NSW, AU, (7) Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre, Westmead, NSW, AU, (8) Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VIC, AU, (9) Liverpool Hospital, Liverpool and Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centres, NSW, AU