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Keywords: Gating
BReP-SNAP-T-70Gated Proton Imaging Using Fiducial Marker and X-Ray Fluoroscopy
S Tanaka*, N Miyamoto, Y Shimada, T Yoshimura, S Takao, Y Matsuo, S Shimizu, T Matsuura, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JP
PO-GeP-M-61Analysis of Varian RPM Reproducibility During Deep Inspiration Breath Hold with AlignRT Monitoring
E Wright*, K Bota, S Karnas, S Gaede, London Regional Cancer Program, London, ON, CA
PO-GeP-T-68A Simple Technique for Measuring the Latency of Non-Radiographic Localization Systems
R Popple*, E Covington, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL
PO-GeP-T-78Accuracy of Measured Displacement of Two Infrared Respiratory Motion Markers for Various Orientations
K Singh1*, S F de Boer1,2, I Z Wang1,2, (1) University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, (2) Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Buffalo, NY
PO-GeP-T-200Commissioning of a Free Breathing Amplitude Gated Treatment Program Using Varian TrueBeam 2.7 Imaging Capabilities
S Hickling*, A Veres, M Grams, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
PO-GeP-T-208Comparing Chest and Abdominal Patient Monitoring and Visual Feedback Systems for Deep Inspiration Breath Hold: Results From the BRAVEHeart Clinical Trial
H Byrne1*, C Stanton2, B Zwan2, E Steiner3, K Makhija1, J Atyeo2, K Richardson2, L Ambrose2, R Bromley2, J Booth2,4, M Morgia2, G Lamoury2, P Keall2, (1) Central Clinical School, The University of Sydney, Eveleigh, NSW, AU, (2) Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards, NSW, AU, (3) Landesklinikum Wiener Neustadt, Wiener Neustadt, 3, DE (4) Institute of Medical Physics, School of Physics, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, AU
PO-GeP-T-486Impact of Breathing Pattern Variations On Respiration-Gated Treatment of Gastrointestinal Cancer
C. Zeng, X. Li, T. Li, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Commack, NY
PO-GeP-T-711Robotic 3D Printed Quality Assurance Phantom for Commissioning Lung Calypso
D Capaldi, H Zhang, L Skinner, P Dubrowski, K Bush*, L Xing, B Fahimian, A Yu, Stanford University Cancer Center, Stanford, CA
PO-GeP-T-794Three-Dimensional Isocenter Verification for Real-Time Tumor-Tracking Radiotherapy System Using a Reusable PVA-I Radiochromic Gel Dosimeter
K Ono1*, T Sera2, T Shiinoki3, S Hayashi4, K Fujino1, Y Akagi1, Y Hirokawa1, (1) Hiroshima Heiwa Clinic, Hiroshima, Japan, (2) Yamaguchi University Hospital, Yamaguchi, Japan, (3) Yamaguchi University, Yamaguchi, Japan, (4) Hiroshima International University, Hiroshima, Japan
TU-C-TRACK 3-2DIBH@HOME Patient Practice App: A MedPhys3.0 Proof of Concept in IOS
J Belardo*, N Sperling, University of Toledo Medical Center, Sylvania, OH
TU-D-TRACK 3-4Development of a Respiratory Gating Workflow for the Treatment of Ventricular Tachycardia with Cardiac Radioablation
TF Atwood*, G Ho, A Bruggeman, D Krummen, F Han, G Feld, E McVeigh, T Pawlicki, KL Moore, UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA
TU-D-TRACK 3-6Cardiac Gating On the MR-Linac: A New Paradigm for Real-Time Adaptive Radiotherapy
O Akdag*, PTS Borman, JGW Kok, B Van Asselen, BW Raaymakers, JJW Lagendijk, MF Fast, Department of Radiotherapy, University Medical Center Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 100, 3584 CX Utrecht, The Netherlands